Saudi Arabia VS Vietnam Prediction, Third Round of 2022 World Cup Qualification

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1NEWS – The third round of the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers will start in early September. One of the matches presented is the match in Group B between Saudi Arabia and Vietnam. The two countries are scheduled to compete on Friday (3/9), at 01.00 WIB. Fighting at the King Saud University Stadium, this opportunity is the main opportunity for both countries to gain group stage points.

Saudi Arabia is in group B with several other countries such as China, Oman, Japan and Australia. This time, they will meet Vietnam which is quite dangerous in the Asian region. However, the experience of Saudi Arabia also cannot be underestimated, considering that they have many reliable players.

The Vietnamese national team now has to bring up the dominance of attacks from before. In the second round, Vietnam has also succeeded in proving itself with the performance of their midfield players who have produced many winning opportunities. Will it still maintain this style of play?

Conditions of the Two Countries

The national teams of the two countries have met before and confirmed a superior record than the Vietnamese side. However, it seems Saudi Arabia have fixed some of the obstacles they had faced in the last match. In this match, Saudi Arabia has also gathered power from their various match records.

Throughout its last five matches, Saudi Arabia is in pretty good stock. Saudi Arabia confirmed five victories in the party they were in. After successfully defeating Kuwait, the Arabs appeared crazy when they met Palestine in the second round. Furthermore, the matches against Yemen and Singapore also ended in victory.

One match they lived when dealing with Uzbekistan managed to also get three points. The three-goal victory without reply became a record for this one national team in a match that took place last June. The statistics shown are good enough to meet Vietnam in the match next week.

Vietnam have won twice in their last five matches. After having played a goalless draw against Thailand, they then drew against Jordan. In the World Cup qualifying party against Indonesia, Vietnam won with a landslide score of 4-0 at that time.

The Vietnamese national team also excelled when they met Malaysia in a similar event. Vietnam’s victory had to fall in the match against the United Arab Emirates in the qualifying round which took place last June. This statistic is enough to dominate Vietnam if they want to excel with their hard work.

Released Player Condition

Given that almost all of Saudi Arabia’s main players are at their best, there doesn’t seem to be a worrying record. They will again appear dominant in the third round of the party this time. The 4-4-2 formation is predicted to be a mainstay for the coach. Thus, they can play the names of A. Madu, Alsharani, Ghareeb, Al-Hassan, and Fahad Al in their best positions.

There are roles from Tambakti, Al-Khabrani, and Al Ghanam in Saudi Arabia’s performance this week. Strong dominance will be seen in their midfield which often surprises his opponents. In this match, they are believed to be able to match Vietnam’s game.

Vietnam National Team will still appear with some of their mainstay players such as Van Duc Phan, Xuan Truong Luong, Pham Duc, and Que Ngoc Hai. From the mainstay of the coach, there are the names of Nguyen Van Toan, T. Bui, and Doan Van Hau who must be played as well.

From version statistics latest slot gambling site presented by the two countries above, it is difficult for Vietnam to win from this match. The Saudi Arabian national team has a formidable strength in almost their important sector so that the possibility of winning can be achieved.

Predicted Score Saudi Arabia VS Vietnam: 2 – 0

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