Single ‘LALISA’ Reaches 700 Thousand Pre-orders, Here’s Korean Netizen Reaction | Kpop Chart

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BLACKPINK’s Lisa amazed many people after the single album ‘LALISA’ reached 700 thousand pre-orders.

Previously, YG Entertainment announced that the single album ‘LALISA’ managed to get a total of 700 thousand pre-orders in just 4 days.

With this achievement, Lisa became the Korean female solo singer with the highest number of pre-orders in history.

Knowing this, Korean netizens immediately gave their various praise comments to Lisa. As the comments see on the Pann site:

“How can he get 700 thousand pre-orders as a female idol. This is truly amazing.”

“This is really very surprising, hahaha. If female idols sold more than 50 thousand albums a few years ago, it was considered a big success, right? Lisa is absolutely amazing.”

“Now BLACKPINK is really a top girl group. I’m really looking forward to Lisa’s solo debut.”

“I think Thai fans buy the album the most,”

“I think most of the sales are not from Korea, but from China and Thailand,” and many other comments. (1NEWS)

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