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At the age that most people are commonly called ‘grandfather’, Seto Mulyadi is still called ‘Kak Seto’. Yes, on 28 August, Kak Seto just celebrated his 70th birthday. His activities, which are never far from the world of children, earned Kak Seto the nickname.

However, the career that he is currently pursuing has started by accident. He had even had bitter experiences in the past. Sis Seto’s ups and downs before his doctorate as it is now are not widely known to the public. Then, how did Sis Seto act up to now? Here’s the full story.

Forced to be a scavenger in order to survive

Young Sis Seto [sumber gambar]

After graduating from high school, Kak Seto took a medical test at Airlangga University, Surabaya. Unfortunately he failed even though he had tried to enroll in other campuses. Sis Seto was disappointed and was desperate to move to Jakarta. In the capital, Kak Seto was once a scavenger and a homeless person. He once slept near a garbage collection in the Blok M area because he had no relatives in Jakarta.

Pak Kasur changed Sis Seto’s life

Mr. Mattress [sumber gambar]

Kak Seto’s life experienced a turning point when he met Pak Kasur, an Indonesian children’s songwriter. At that time, Kak Seto became Pak Kasur’s assistant to teach at the kindergarten. Seeing Kak Seto’s potential, Pak Kasur suggested Kak Seto to register at the Faculty of Psychology. Finally, Kak Seto managed to enter the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Indonesia. In fact, he continued his education up to S3.

Create the famous character Si Komo

Sis Seto and Si Komo [sumber gambar]

Kak Seto’s name began to soar when he filled the Aneka Ria Kindergarten program on television. Kak Seto showed his ability to play magic, tell stories and invite the children to sing. Kak Seto is increasingly recognized when he succeeded in creating the character of Si Komo, a Komodo dragon with two legs. Many songs and knick-knacks are inspired by Si Komo. In addition, Sis Seto created homeschool in 2007 in order to become a model for education with a more personal approach.

Win dozens of awards

Sis Seto won an award [sumber gambar]

Kak Seto’s success earned him a number of prestigious awards. Call it The Golden Balloon Award, The Outstanding Young Person of The World, Peace Messenger Award, and many more. Kak Seto also serves as the National General Chair for Child Protection and founded the Mutiara Indonesia Foundation, as well as the Nakula Foundation which focuses on realizing the happiness of Indonesian children.

Lively and energetic in old age

Sis Seto’s birthday [sumber gambar]

Right on August 28, 2021, Kak Seto celebrates his 70th birthday. The man who was born in 1951 still looks fit and agile. He celebrated his happy moment by dancing with his beloved family. Wearing a red shirt and black pants, Kak Seto smiled happily while swaying to the song Happy Birthday.

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Kak Seto’s love for children makes him loved by many people. Kak Seto’s commitment to provide happiness, education, and protection for Indonesian children is an invaluable contribution. Happy birthday Seto!

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