SUSPECTIVE NOISE SOUND, the wife caught her husband playing with his stepdaughter. .

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Marina Balmasheva (35) and Alexey Shavyrin (45) had been married for 10 years before finally divorcing. Marina caught cheating with Alexey’s son, Vladimir (20).

Marina caught her husband while having sex with his stepdaughter at home.

Her husband, Alexey recounted his bitter experience on the Russian talk show ‘Pryamoy Efir’.

“At night, I hear them having sex, it makes me unable to sleep,” said Alexey.

“After finishing, my wife returned to the room and slept beside me. I was silent,” he added.

Alexey is confused about what he should do after learning about the affair. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that Alexey wanted to talk about it with his wife.

Marina, who was also present at the event, explained why she played behind.

“I never loved him, for all these years I just wanted to eat. That’s why I was so fat and wanted to die,” said Marina.

“He made me feel young again,” he said.

Mirror reports, Marina and Alexey eventually divorced, while their young children went to Alexey custody. The court decided custody of the man, fearing that in the future the children would also be ‘devoured’ by Marina.


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