Taliban Fly Black Hawk Helicopter, One Hanging

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Taliban Terbangkan Helikopter Black Hawk, Satu Bergelantung

The Taliban flies American-made Black Hawk helicopters in Kandahar, Afghanistan, with one member hanging underneath.

This moment was caught on camera and then went viral on social media in the past day. Initially, netizens suspected the Taliban were hanging people from helicopters as punishment.

But later, a seasoned journalist in Afghanistan, Bilal Sarwary, said that the person who was hanging was a member of the Taliban.

“The Afghan portrait that flies this is the one that you’ve always known. He trained in the US and the United Arab Emirates. He confirmed to me that he was the one flying the Good Hawk helicopter,” Sarwary said via Twitter.

He later wrote, “This current Taliban member is trying to raise the Taliban flag from the air, but to no avail.”

Hаѕіӏ еnеаn thе team аbt facts Reuters also confirmed Sarwary nі’s statement. In a number of other amateur games, it is true that the hanging person is actually holding the flag.

The Taliban are indeed in actual control of the defense equipment that the US military left behind after they left on Monday (30/8).

With that, the Independent estimates that the Taliban now own more Good Hawk helicopters than 85 percent of the world’s countries.

The US national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, refused to control the defense system which eventually fell into the hands of the Taliban. However, what is certain is that the defense equipment they provide to the Afghan national armed forces, as well as the Taliban.

“Black Hawk is not against the Taliban. All of them were sent to the Afghan Naval Forces in the hope that they could defend themselves against the President’s Sisifk request [Ashraf] It was Ghani who came to the tіһ building and asked for the assistance of the ага troops,” said Sullivan.

This video appeals to many parties, including the soldiers in the US. A member of the US Congress who has been in charge of the military use of weapons in the Afghanistan War, Jim Banks, criticized the country’s haste in withdrawing troops.

According to him, the rush to get the US can’t keep up with the defense equipment they are left behind in Afghanistan. As a result, the Taliban received a defense equipment inheritance that was estimated to be worth a total of US$85 billion.

“Can you imagine how humiliating it was when I had all these demons fall into the hands of the Taliban? The Taliban now have more Good Hawk helicopters than 85 percent of this country,” he said.

Sources: cnnindonesia.com

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