Tegar’s wife Septian protested by netizens because she was accused of selling fake skincare, Sarah Sheilka: Thank God my products don’t use harmful ingredients | Most Exciting

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Most Fun – The wife of singer Tegar Septian, Sarah Sheilka, who is currently starting a business selling homemade beauty products, has actually received protests from netizens. It turned out that netizens protested because Sarah was selling skincare that was not registered with BPOM.

Sarah has her own explanation regarding the netizen’s question why the skincer has not been registered with BPOM. Sarah admitted that her skincare products did not have the procedure because it was expensive.

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“If you have a product that is BPOM be**, it doesn’t have any morals, it doesn’t have BPOM skincare but it has been circulated,” said the netizen launched Instagram Stories Sarah Sheilka on Sunday, August 29, 2021.

However, he said that all the skincare ingredients that he made into a product were safe and had BPOM. Sarah also explained that if she took care of BPOM for her product, it would be expensive.

Via : sound.com

“Alhamdulillah, my products do not use hazardous materials, indeed the products themselves do not have BPOM, but we use materials that have BPOM. Taking care of BPOM requires a lot of money, just pray that BPOM can quickly, yes, pray for each other for the good instead of insulting each other, “ he said.

The woman from Garut, West Java, even regretted the attitude of the netizens. He even said that netizens should pray for him to have smooth sustenance and not be insulting.

“Alhamdulillah, while selling skincare, no one has ever complained about anything. Indeed, my product has not been BPOM but we use materials that have BPOM. People are praying so that the sustenance will run smoothly so that they can take care of BPOM, this is ouch, ” he said.

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