Teuku Ryan Asks for Blessings from Oki Setiana Dewi and Her Mother, Ria Ricis Crying

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Teuku Ryan made Oki Setiana Dewi cry when he asked for his blessing to marry Ria Ricis. Oki Setiana Dewi also told this to Ria Ricis.

“Fun fact, Ms. Oki cried twice yesterday, because first someone said, God willing, I promise, God willing, I will take care of Icis, asking for prayers,” said Oki Setiana Dewi on her personal YouTube, quoted Tuesday (31/8/2021) .

Ria Ricis was immediately moved when she heard the story from her sister. “Eh, don’t be like that, Icis will be sad,” said Ria Ricis, starting to tear up.

Oki admitted that he didn’t mean to make his sister cry. She just didn’t think that someone would ask her permission to take care of Ricis.

“Mba Oki, this is the first time I’ve heard this, don’t cry,” said Oki, trying to stop Ria Ricis’s crying.

“Yeah, how about that, thank you, don’t zoom in, watch out!” Ricis said while warning the cameraman who took the picture that he was crying.

Oki Setiana Dewi also said that Ria Ricis’s future husband had asked their mother for permission. Because of that, he prayed that Ricis’s wedding plans would go well.

“Yes, the point is, thank God, mother is also touched, may Allah help whoever God has destined to be able to direct Icis well, make Icis better than before, God willing,” said Oki.

The news that Ria Ricis will be proposed by Teuku Ryan was previously confirmed by her brother-in-law, Ori Vitrio Abdulla. Oki Setiana Dewi’s husband said that their application would only be held in September 2021.

Source: mata-mata.com

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