The Story of a Public Prosecutor’s Office in NTB Reported by His 6th Wife Due to Marrying 7 Times

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An employee with the status of a civil servant (PNS) at the Praya District Attorney, Central Lombok (Loteng), West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) was reported to his superiors for allegedly intentionally marrying 7 times. Even now has one girlfriend.

The Kejari Praya civil servant with the initials SZ (52) was reported by the 6th wife. Of the 7 wives, 3 have a marriage certificate or are legally married, while the other 4 only have an unregistered marriage.

“For the 7 marriages, it is suspected that SZ has committed ethical violations as her job is a civil servant at the Prosecutor’s Office and violates the law in the form of forgery of letters, obstructed marriage, neglect, and/or violence against women and children,” said a member of the Coalition for the Protection of Women and Children. NTB’s son, Yan Mangandar Putra, in his statement to detikcom Tuesday (31/8/2021).

SZ civil servants were reported last Thursday (26/8) under the category of ethical violations and document falsification. According to Yan Mangandar, this case is a case that violates the law on the protection of women and children, so it is considered necessary to take advocacy and assistance seriously.

“The coalition will accompany the victim during the examination process and plans with the NTB P3AP2KB Office to coordinate directly (hearing) with the Head of the NTB High Prosecutor’s Office to ensure the protection and fulfillment of the rights of women and children in this case are fulfilled,” he said.

To the Prosecutor’s Office of NTB, the Coalition for the Protection of Women and Children demanded that the alleged ethical violations committed by SZ be taken seriously and openly. If necessary, continued Yan, the Public Prosecutor’s Office will process SZ legally and give strict sanctions.

“Provide protection for wives and their children in the form of legal protection, restitution, and/or economic assistance, psychological and psychosocial rehabilitation. Apologize to all ex-wives and children openly,” said Yan Mangandar.

Yan Mangandar recounted that PNS SZ first married his wife with the initials W in 1990 and was blessed with 4 children. In the same year, SZ also married three other women, namely BC, PZ, and PL.

“Then in 2004, SZ divorced his first wife W, based on religious rules but without going through the divorce process in the Religious Courts. His first wife should be entitled to a salary distribution, including the rights of her children,” said Yan.

PNS SZ Marries 2nd and 3rd Wives on the Same Day

When he married his second and third wives BC and PZ, SZ married both of them serially on the same day, namely at night and during the day. Only, from BC, SZ is not blessed with children. While with his third wife, PZ has two children. However, not long after their marriage, SZ again divorced PZ.

“Then the marriage with the fourth wife (with the initials PL) got one child. But the marriage did not last long because SZ unilaterally divorced his fourth wife,” he explained.

Meanwhile, his fifth wife, BA, was married religiously by SZ by admitting that he had divorced all of his wives. From that marriage, they had two children.

“However, SZ again divorced BA, so currently BA is working in Saudi Arabia to provide for his life and that of his child,” he said.

After divorcing BA, SZ remarried to GA, and lived in his official residence with his first wife. In March 2021, SZ again divorced and he divorced GA not directly, but through his wife’s aunt.

SZ also lives at home with HM, who is his seventh wife, but has not yet married. Instead of marrying HM, SZ actually married another woman, with the initials WD, from Central Lombok. She became the seventh wife.

“Marriage with the seventh wife is legal at the KUA, while the first wife is not yet divorced,” he said.

Dedi Irawan, Head of the Legal Information and Public Relations Section of the NTB High Prosecutor’s Office, has not been able to confirm this by detikcom for questioning on this case report.


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