This Belgian Artist Marries An Indonesian Man Who Works As An Angkot Driver, The Reason Is Touching – 1NEWS

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Some time ago the public was surprised by the love story of a Bandung ‘angkot driver’ with a beautiful Caucasian from Belgium which ended in marriage. It was not easy for a man from Indonesia, El to conquer the hearts of women who were artists at that time.

Now the viral couple El and Liz are happy and have two children, namely Leina Greece and Lars. They also live in Belgium.

Liz admitted, it was a fortune to marry an Indonesian. Moreover, El has always been romantic and often surprises him on special days.

Launching from the YouTube channel of the Belgian Landlord Thursday (1/7), the account uploaded a video when Liz and El gave a new bicycle to their little daughter.

The new bicycles and otopeds had to be assembled by themselves. This turned out to make Liz amazed at her husband’s skills and proud of El.

“My husband is very good at assembling things for Greece. And it is one of my prides as a Belgian to be able to marry an Indonesian,” said Liz.

At the moment of El’s birthday, his wife was no less attentive. He had made a reservation to a fancy restaurant for a romantic dinner with El.

“This is the most beloved husband. I want to dress up first before my beloved husband’s birthday,” said Liz on a trip to Antwerp Province, Belgium.

“Went to the restaurant to celebrate my birthday. Lucky to have an understanding Caucasian wife,” said El.

Another thing that makes Liz fascinated by her husband is that Indonesians are good at making up.

“Yes (the sun) is dazzling like our love always shines, like our future,” said El.

El has often teased his wife on various occasions in his videos so far. Including the moment of exchanging Valentine’s gifts.

“Dear friends, it’s amazing. I got Nike. Now a gift for you, to be rich in Korean drama films. Close your eyes first,” said El.

“Wow, it’s a valentine’s gift, thank you. It’s small, but it’s not necessarily cheap. I really like it,” said Liz.

“Today I lost a lot of you,” joked El showing a luxurious ring with white and blue diamonds decorated.

Plus, El is often romantic and doesn’t hesitate to give gifts at every special moment. Even so, for El his wife deserves to receive all these gifts.

“I bought a clock for my birthday, for a wedding until I bought 4 bags, how about this, then when Lars was born he got an iPhone,” concluded Liz.

“Because this is a husband who loves his wife. You deserve it, you deserve it. Happy Valentine,” said El who immediately received a kiss on the cheek by Liz.

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