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Recently, Pledis Entertainment as the agency of SEVENTEEN has announced that the boy group will be promoting with 11 members for a while.

This is because two of the members from China, Jun and The8, returned to their hometowns to undergo SEVENTEEN’s schedule in China and meet their families.

Having different views on idols from China, South Korean netizens made various scathing comments in response to Jun and The8 who did not participate in SEVENTEEN’s promotions until December 2021.

“I like Seventeen as a group with 11 members, Jun and The8 are communist idols”,

“I thought the Chinese members would leave the group this way”,

“I like Seventeen, but I think it’s time for the Chinese members to leave the group”,

“I support Seventeen’s activities with 11 members”,

“Once they return to China, they will never return to Korea”,

“Why did they renew their contract??? I love SEVENTEEN’s stage performances, but honestly, they’d be fine even without these Chinese members on stage.”

“work hard and live in China”, and various other comments from netizens.

What is your opinion about this? (1NEWS)

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