This is the Natural Condition and Life of the “Memedi” Community –

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Several residents in Bali claimed to have entered or “visited” the realm of “memedi” (spirits). What are their stories like?
Several resident respondents were interviewed by the author and researcher of the IB “memedi” phenomenon. Arya Lawa Manuaba or Gus Arya. They mentioned the natural situation of the medics and their body shape.

“Their nature (memedi) is the same as on Earth. They have a family, society and transportation system. However, from the confessions of several respondents who have entered the realm either because they were kidnapped or accidentally got lost, they have never seen the sun or the moon. only the atmosphere of the sky is dim exactly the same as the timetable, and it goes on and on,” explained Gus Arya to

Some of the respondents, said Gus Arya, had the same confession, namely that the sky was dim, like eternal twilight.

From the testimony of other respondents, it was found that the age of the memedi reached hundreds of years. One respondent claimed to have a friend who is a memedi who is 125 years old but still looks like a young girl.

“Not only that, the memedi have amazing mystical abilities. They can disappear, change forms into other beings, and heal diseases. In their nature there are also many gems and precious stones that are efficacious. Some of these objects are given to humans to heal disease. However, the efficacy of the stones has a time limit,” said Gus Arya.

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