Vicky Prasetyo Sobs in the Corpse Car: Now I’m Delivering Papa!

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Vicky Prasetyo's father dies (Instagram)

Vicky Prasetyo and Kalina Ocktaranny when met after mourning the funeral of comedian Sapri Pantun at Ulujami TPU, Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta, Tuesday (11/5/2021). [ Winanto]

1NEWS – Vicky Prasetyo is in mourning. Hermanto, Vicky Prasetyo’s father passed away on Wednesday (1/9/2021). It is not known exactly what caused Kalina Oktarani’s mother-in-law to die.

Vicky Prasetyo was seen delivering his father’s body to his final resting place tonight. This is known from his personal Instagram.

Vicky Prasetyo’s father dies (Instagram)

“Please pray for my papa, my father, Hermanto bin Suherman. May the deceased always be forgiven of his sins and given the best place by Allah,” said Vicky Prasetyo who joined the hearse with his father’s coffin behind him.

While sobbing, the 37-year-old said goodbye to his late father. He also told a little of the good times he had with his father when he was little.

Vicky Prasetyo's father dies (Instagram)
Vicky Prasetyo’s father dies (Instagram)

“Goodbye, dad. In the past, when you were at school, you used to take me to school. Now, I’m taking you to the resting place where we will return,” he continued in a hoarse voice.

“In the past, it was papa who took me to the boarding school. Now I’m taking papa, to papa’s resting place, Daddy,” he continued.

Vicky Prasetyo's upload [Instagram/@vickyprasetyo777]
Vicky Prasetyo’s upload [Instagram/@vickyprasetyo777]

Vicky couldn’t hold back his tears anymore. While sobbing, she added, “Thank you, dad, for everything you did for me, for my younger siblings and family. I’m sorry, dad.”

Throughout the short video, sirens sound, making the atmosphere even more sad.


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