Viral PSK in Medan Squeeze Customers, Deal Rp. 500 thousand when in a noisy room asks for Rp. 3 million | Most Exciting

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Paling Seru

Most Fun – A commercial sex worker (PSK) rages at a customer at a jasmine hotel in Medan Baru District, Medan City, North Sumatra, Monday night (30/8/2021) witnessed by several security guards.

Accompanied by a friend who is also a prostitute, the woman was angry because she did not accept the amount of payment she received. The prostitute was booked through the MiChat app. Then, he fulfilled the call along with his friend.

When making transactions on MiChat he and the customer agreed to do two “rounds” for a fee of Rp. 500 thousand. Then, they met at the jasmine hotel. In the first round, customers are served by sucking the pubic (blowjob) and sucking the breasts of the prostitute.

However, when the first round was over, the two of them had a word of mouth because the prostitute suddenly asked for Rp. 3 million to pay. Customers who feel blackmailed and do not accept then noisy until finally a fight ensues.

“Bang, if everything is written there, everything is complete. BJ how much? I deserve to ask him.” said the prostitute woman explaining the problem.

The woman’s friend then said that they had evidence in the form of a video of the prostitute’s blowjob with the customer. The security guard who was at the location tried to intervene and said that they would call the police.

“Isep t*t*k me you don’t want to pay?!” snapped the PSK to his customers.

However, the woman, who claimed not to be afraid of the police, ran away and took Rp 700 thousand of the customer’s money.

“Just call the police, don’t be afraid of me,” said the prostitute

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