Virtual Travel to Korea through the #AkudanKorea Imagine Your Korea from Home Campaign with KTO Jakarta

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It has been more than 1.5 years that we have been struggling with a pandemic that has forced various holiday plans to be postponed. However, as we adapt to situations that limit our space, we are also increasingly creative in finding alternative entertainment. One of them is by taking virtual walks, as a temporary substitute for those of us who already miss traveling but still have to hold back for mutual safety.

These virtual trips are not only for consolation before you can actually vacation, but also as an opportunity to prepare more mature vacation plans. Starting from enriching list destinations to the provision of vacation tips that can be applied later when the situation allows. Recognizing the need for virtual travel, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Jakarta held various online events for Indonesian tourists through campaign entitled #AkudanKorea Imagine Your Korea from Home.

Dancer’s appearance at the opening of the #AkudanKorea Media & Influencners Gathering | dock. Screenshot via Zoom via

“The year 2021 is still a difficult year for the world tourism world, including Korea and Indonesia. KTO Jakarta offers various online activities so that Indonesian tourists can enjoy Korea from home comfortably. If the situation improves, we hope that Korea will be the first country to be visited by Indonesian tourists. Hopefully the Indonesian people can enjoy all the online events that we organize and stay healthy,” said Yang Su Bae, Director of KTO Jakarta, at the #AkudanKorea Media & Influencers Gathering, Tuesday (31/08).

For these various online activities, KTO Jakarta raised various themes such as “Korea Mindful Journey”, “Unpacking Korea”, and “Glocal (Global – Local) Korea Tour”. Now, specifically this year, KTO Jakarta focuses on promoting several selected tourist destination themes such as show tours, Muslim and family-friendly tours. By cooperating with some influencer and content creator from Indonesia and Korea, KTO Jakarta conducts various online activities and creates interesting new content to watch on KTO Jakarta’s official website and social media.

In the #AkudanKorea Media & Influencers Gathering event which was held online on August 31, 2021 yesterday, KTO Jakarta introduced a number of exciting content that we can enjoy starting this September. Come on, watch to the end!

Welcome Daehakro 2021

Director of KTO Jakarta, Yang Su Bae, and Calvin Jeremy, Brand Ambassadors Welcome to Dahekro 2021, at the #AkudanKorea Media & Influencer Gathering, Tuesday (31/8). | dock. KTO Jakarta via

If you are a fan of Broadway shows, then the Daehakro Festival is an event that is too bad to miss. Daehakro is an area that stretches for 1.6 km from Jongno-gu to Hyehwa-dong Rotary in Seoul. Along this street there are 150 theaters that offer various types of performing arts throughout the year. Ranging from musical performances, theater, drama, magic, to non-verbal performances are ready to accompany visitors 24/7. Btw, from Daehakro, many K-Drama stars started their careers, you know. Call it Kim Seon Ho (2 Days & 1 Night and Start-Up) and Jeon Mi Do (Hospital Playlist).

Since 2017, Daehakro has held a performance festival every fall and has invited theater lovers from South Korea and abroad. In Daehakro, tourists can not only enjoy great performances, but also visit famous historical and cultural sites, such as Marronnier Park and Naksan Park. In this area, tourists can also shop and enjoy a variety of food choices available at the many restaurants in Daehakro.

To promote the Daehakro tourist destination in Indonesia, KTO Jakarta collaborated with jazz singer Calvin Jeremy as an ambassador for the annual “Welcome Daehakro 2021” festival. KTO Jakarta believes that as a jazz musician whose musicality cannot be doubted, Calvin Jeremy can be the right medium to introduce Daehakro tourism to fans in particular and to the Indonesian people in general.

“It is an honor for me to be appointed as the ambassador of “Welcome Daehakro 2021” by KTO Jakarta. Through this collaboration, I hope that the Indonesian people will understand better that music or performances in Korea are not only K-pop, but there are still many various types of performing arts on Daehakro Street which it would be a shame to miss if we visit Korea later. As a musician, I can’t wait to visit the Daehakro area in Seoul and attend the Welcome Daehakro festival, and make it my inspiration for music in the future,” said Calvin.

Muslim friendly family trip

The collaboration between KTO Jakarta and the Kimbab Family at the #AkudanKorea Media & Influencer Gathering, Tuesday (31/8). | Screenshot via Zoom via

South Korea is rich in tourist sites that families can visit, such as historical tours, nature tours, and education. Gyeongbokgung Palace and Deoksugung Palace are some of them. Even though it is not a country with a majority Muslim population, there is no need to worry about experiencing difficulties while on vacation in South Korea. Because many halal-certified and Muslim-friendly restaurants have sprung up in big cities. In addition, worship facilities such as mosques and prayer rooms can also be found in tourist areas. For example, the prayer room at the COEX Mall shopping center, Gangnam.

To promote family-friendly and Muslim-friendly tourist attractions, KTO Jakarta collaborates with Kimbab Family. During the #AkudanKorea Meda & Influencers Gathering, the Kimbab Family also shared videos of their trip to various family-friendly tourist destinations in Seoul such as Deoksugung Palace, Changsin-dong toy street, Mangwon-dong, and Seoul-ro 7071. For those who miss Korea , this Kimbab Family walking video can be enjoyed on the Kimbab Family YouTube channel.

Then there is the animated series Travel Gear: The Adventure in Korea with KTO Jakarta mascots, Riko and Sela. They will explore Muslim-friendly destinations and attractions around the Itaewon and Busan areas. You can watch this animated series starting on September 3 on the official KTO Jakarta YouTube channel.

You can also take part in the 2021 Muslim Friendly Korea Online Festival which will be held on 29-31 October 2021. Here there are many menus available, ranging from fashion, food, hallyu and wellness, which of course are all Muslim friendly. With an interactive approach, visitors will have access to participate in various activities, such as webinads, quizzes, and various games.

Muslim Friendly Korea | dock. Screenshot via Zoom via

Strolling Incheon and Ansan with Asnawi Mangkualaman

Football fans must be familiar with Asnawi Mangkualaman Bahar. The young and talented national soccer player nicknamed “Park Ji Sung from Indonesia” just joined Ansan Greeners FC last February. Meanwhile, in May, Asnawi was appointed as an honorary ambassador for Korea Tourism.

Together with Asnawi, KTO Jakarta creates content virtual trip to be distributed to Indonesian tourists as a cure for missing Korea. There are many hidden gems around Incheon and Ansan which will beshare, you know. Must enter bucket list, here. Just a sneak peek, there’s Ansan Wa Stadium, Incheon Art Platform, Shinpo market, and many more. Watch the full video on September 15, 2021 on the KTO Jakarta YouTube Channel.

In addition to the interesting agenda above, there are also live talk show on the IG account @ktoid together content creator our favorites like Kimbab Family, Korea Reomit, Bianca Kartika, and Amelia Tantono.

A number of celebrities and influencers attended the #AkudanKorea Media & Influencers Gathering | dock. KTO Jakarta via

In addition to information about on line and offline activities KTO Jakarta, in the #AkudanKorea Media & Influencers Gathering, there were also a number of celebrities and influencers, such as Boy William, Citra Scholastika, Calvin Jeremy, and travel influencer David Dri Paraharsa or depepedia. Each of them share their experiences as well as exciting and new tips about holidays to South Korea for free independent traveler (FIT) who will travel to Korea later.

So, how far are your plans to visit the WL in South Korea? To make it even better, come on, watch the events above~

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