WIFE input another man through his bedroom window. .

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Being caught putting her mistress into her room, Mardiana (34) has to deal with the police. Marzuki’s wife was caught entering her mistress, Zaini (34) through the bedroom window.

While in the room, the two allegedly made love. Ironically, their immoral acts were carried out by taking advantage of the absence of Mardiana’s husband, who was working nights.

The incident occurred at M’s house in Semayam Exit, Praya District, Central Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Province on Monday (5/7) at around 21.00 WITA.

Praya City Police Chief Iptu Hariyono explained, Zaini is a resident of Aikmual Village, Praya District. Zaini and Mardiana were secured by residents while they were in the room.

“Both of them were detained together in M’s room in Semayan,” said the Kota Praya police chief, Tuesday (6/7).

Iptu Hariyono explained the chronology of the raids on Zaini and Mardiana in the room. Initially, Zaini contacted Mardiana via WhtasApp (WA) message informing him that he would come to see Mardiana.

Mardiana replied to Zaini’s WA message by saying “kebanim” (brave). Feeling challenged, Zaini proved her words, and went to her lover’s house at around 21.00 WITA.

At that time, Mardiana had just finished the Isha prayer. Mardiana again received a WA message from Zaini informing him that he was already at his house.

A moment later, Mardiana heard someone knocking on her bedroom window. “M heard people knocking on his bedroom window and saw Z was already near his bedroom window,” said Iptu Hariyono, reported by Radar Lombok.

Mardiana then opened the window. Zaini went straight into the room and closed the bedroom window.

Mardiana’s behavior in entering her lover through the bedroom window was discovered by her brother-in-law, Rifai. Rifai then asked Nasir for help, who happened to be in the vicinity of the incident.

“Knowing that someone else’s whereabouts were known, perpetrator Z was scared and tried to run away, but Rifai and Nasir were able to stop him,” explained the Sector Police Chief.

Rifai then called Mardiana’s husband, Marzuki, who was working outside the house to return home immediately. According to the police chief, Marzuki had known about his wife’s relationship with Z about a year ago.

“Marzuki once contacted Z at his house to beg him not to disturb his wife. But Z ignored it,” said the Sector Police Chief.

Z and Mardiana have been detained at the Praya City Police Chief to account for their actions.


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