Winter aespa is back in pet controversy, Netizens ask SM to pay more attention | Kpop Chart

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Winter aespa is again criticized after discussing about his pets.

Not long ago Winter received a lot of criticism from netizens after a video circulated of his treatment of a cat.

Now Winter is again reaping criticism from netizens after telling about the hamster that he kept as a child on the Bubble application.

He wrote, “I had 25 hamsters when I was in school. I started with two hamsters. But their relationship was very good, so I ended up having 25 of them. When they are just born, they are very cute. But then I decided to keep only one of them which was a bit sick, so I only kept one.”

Korean netizens then made a post on the theqoo site and wrote, “He boasts that he only keeps one tail. Two hamsters make 25, and we don’t know what the rest will be. He is a member who is also involved in the cat controversy.”

In response to the post, other Korean netizens commented:

“He probably didn’t know it was wrong when he was a kid, but it’s crazy to talk about it now.”

“He’s still a rookie, but has been involved in a lot of controversy. SM has already spent a lot of money on your debut, so please be more careful.”

“He wanted to talk about his cute behavior in the past, but he failed because he didn’t know anything,”

“What did SM do? Why don’t they take good care of it?”

“Why does he keep getting involved in controversy, what does SM do?”

“Seriously SM, please pay more attention to him,” and various other critical comments. (1NEWS)

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