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Yoris, the son and brother of the Subang murder victim.  Photo: St.

The investigation into the murder of Amalia Mustika Ratu or Amel and her mother, Tuti Suhartini, continues to grow. Later the police examined three witnesses again, namely Yosef Hidayah and his young wife, Hazmin Hidayah, and Amel’s older brother, Yoris Raja Amalullah. Now, Amel’s sister’s post today appeared on TikTok social media.

The three were questioned on Tuesday at the Subang Police Station. Yosef, Hazmin, and Yoris were also brought to the scene of the murder along with three other witnesses for clarification purposes. Last Monday, the police brought K9 troops or the West Java Police sniffer dogs who found white shoes behind the victim’s house.

Amel’s sister’s post

So, after being questioned by the police again yesterday, Yoris did not have any information. But he posted a photo of Amel’s memories, you know. Especially for Amelia. In a post on his TikTok account, Yoris displays photos of Amel while on vacation with him and his wife and child.

Yoris, the son and brother of the Subang murder victim. Photo: St.

Yoris also remembers his sister by uploading photos of Amel wearing a hijab. In the caption of the post on TikTok, Yoris only wrote a brief description. “The Thruth @amaliamustikaratu last message #lyodra,” Yoris wrote quoted on Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

I don’t know what the real meaning of this post is and caption from Yoris. If you look at the phrase the last message is the latest song from singer Lyrodra Ginting.

Amel’s sister some time ago shared her memories with the two deceased on the TikTik platform. Amelia’s sister’s account posted photos of Tuti, Amel, and her nephew’s togetherness while on vacation in several places. In the caption, Amel’s sister wrote about the loss of her two loved ones.

“You are the best my mom and my little sister,” wrote Amel’s sister account, @youriesrajaamallu with the song “Last Message” from Lyodra Ginting, quoted Thursday, August 26, 2021.

Foundation conflict

Tuti's junior high and high school, the victim of the Subang murder.  Photo: Capture.
Tuti’s junior high and high school, the victim of the Subang murder. Photo: Capture.

Yoris then suspected that there was something strange about this incident. As the victim’s family, Yoris suspects that the murder of his family is related to the conflict between the National Achievement Foundation.

“The first time Papa was managing his young wife himself. But it’s not included in the structure of his young wife. The treasurer has changed several times. Then in 2018, when he graduated, Amel immediately held it.”

“Actually, the two of them are holding the treasurer, namely Mrs. Tuti and Amel. But in the actual structure, Amel is the secretary, while the treasurer actually holds Mama (Tuti),” he said.

This allegation is because the property in the victim’s house was not taken by the perpetrator. Yoris felt strange, when the police discovered the fact that nothing was missing at the crime scene.

“In terms of items, nothing is missing except 3 of Amel’s cellphones. When I checked, I still had Rp. 30 million for teacher salaries. Then Mama’s and Amel’s ATMs are still there. The gold is still there, it doesn’t disappear,” he said, quoted by Hops.id, Tuesday, August 31, 2021.

The three missing Amel cellphones are the red iPhone 11, then the Ipad cellphone, and the third is a Samsung cellphone.

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