11 Most Popular Malaysian Songs in Indonesia, Band Groups to Solo

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Who among Parents who likes music? If you are looking for unique song references as a means of daily entertainment, listening to Malaysian songs can be an option, you know.

Since the 90s, there have been many songs from neighboring countries that are popular among our society. Even today, these songs are still quite iconic, so they are still very cool and relevant to listen to.

Launching various sources, let’s just take a look at some of the songs belonging to musicians from neighboring countries who are popular in Indonesia as follows!

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Rows of the Most Popular Malaysian Songs in Indonesia

1. Siti Nurhaliza – Cindai

The name Siti Nurhaliza must be familiar to your ears, right? This singer from the neighboring country is also very popular in Indonesia.

The Malay genre songs that he released turned out to be suitable and much liked in the country. One of the songs that made Siti popular in Indonesia is Cindai.

First released in 1997, Cindai managed to become one of the most popular old Malaysian songs and not boring to listen to until now.

2. Siti Nurhaliza – Not Ordinary Love

11 Most Popular Malaysian Songs in Indonesia, Many Make Nostalgia!

While Cindai’s song is generally popular among ladies and gentlemen, Siti Nurhaliza’s other song entitled Not Ordinary Love is popular among young people in the 2000s, you know. This is also Siti Nurhaliza’s best-selling song which earned her the Best Malaysian Album award at the Anugrah Musik Indonesia event in 2003.

An interesting fact, the production of the song Not Ordinary Love also did not escape the intervention of an Indonesian musician named Dewiq. No wonder this song is suitable and popular among Indonesian music lovers, right? Parents.

3. Search – Isabella

11 Most Popular Malaysian Songs in Indonesia, Many Make Nostalgia!

“She’s Isabella . . . the epitome of love and tempest.”

A number of Parents maybe you are already familiar with the lyrics above. Right, Isabella is another old Malaysian song which is also very popular among Indonesian music lovers.

Released in 1989, this song was later re-composed by the Indonesian band ST12 in 2009.

4. Search – Honeymoon Fantasia

malaysian song

Besides Isabella, another popular Search song in Indonesia is Honeymoon Fantasia. This is an old Malaysian pop song that is still often played in public places in Indonesia. Iconic!

5. Slam – Drizzle Invites

malaysian song

90’s slang kids will definitely be familiar with this song. Gerimis Mengundang is a song by the popular Malaysian band Slam, which was released in 2012.

In 2021, the song Drizzle Invites It has also become a hot topic of discussion on social media. The reason is, the tone of this song is said to be similar to Aldi Taher’s song ‘Nissa Sabyan I Love You So Much’ which also went viral some time ago. Many netizens thought that Aldi Taher was inspired by Slam when he made the song.

6. Slams – Rindiani

11 Most Popular Malaysian Songs in Indonesia, Many Make Nostalgia!

Besides song Drizzle Invites, another famous Slam song in Indonesia is Rindiani. This confused song was also quite popular among young Indonesians in the 90s.

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7. Stings – Are You Loyal

malaysian song

This is another popular Malaysian rock band song. Are You Faithful is also a ballad-rock song that was popular in Malaysia and Indonesia in the 90s.

8. UK’s – There Waiting Here Waiting

11 Most Popular Malaysian Songs in Indonesia, Many Make Nostalgia!

It is a song from another Malaysian band which is also popular in Indonesia. This song is also popular again among Indonesian music lovers when it was re-composed by Via Vallen with the dangdut genre.

9. Sheila Majid – Between Anyer and Jakarta

malaysian song

It is an old song released in 1980. This is a song by Indonesian musician Imran Madjid, popularized by Sheila Majid, a singer from Malaysia with Javanese blood. Thanks to this song, Sheila’s name is getting more and more popular in the country.

10. Amy Search ft. Inka Christie – Our Love

malaysian song

It is a Malaysian song that may sound familiar to the ear. This is a duet between Malaysian singer Amy Search and Indonesian rocker Inka Christie. This is a popular song among young people in the 2000s.

11. Climate – Holy in the Dust

11 Most Popular Malaysian Songs in Indonesia, Many Make Nostalgia!

Malaysian songs that are famous in Indonesia are mostly soft rock genres. Another soft rock song from the neighboring country which is quite popular in Indonesia is Suci in Debu belonging to Climate.

For Parents those who like old school songs like Nike Ardila’s, will definitely be suitable when listening to songs from this Climate Band. The reason, both have the same genre and characteristics of music.

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Those are some popular Malaysian songs in Indonesia. Most of them are old songs that were released in the 90s to 2000s. So, in this list, which songs do you think sound familiar to your ears? Parents?


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