15 Benefits of Ginger for Body Health, Know the Benefits of Ginger Here!

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15 Benefits of Ginger for Health, Relieve Stress To Increase Fertility

Not only does it make food more delicious, the benefits of ginger for health cannot be ignored. Let’s find out more about the benefits of ginger for our health.

Besides being often used as a kitchen spice, ginger can also be consumed directly or processed into food or drinks. Even ginger is a very popular herbal medicine.

The efficacy of ginger itself has been believed since ancient times. In China, ginger has been used as a traditional medicine since imperial times. In India, this spice, which tastes warm, is very popular as an alternative medicine.

Variants of ginger with no less benefits, there are elephant ginger, yellow ginger, and red ginger.

Curious, what are the benefits of ginger for the health of our bodies?

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Benefits of Ginger for Body Health

1. Smooth Digestion

Ginger contains Phenolic which can relieve symptoms of gastrointestinal irritation and prevent contractions of the stomach. Consumption of ginger has been proven to prevent diseases such as constipation, dyspepsia, or acid reflux.

Flatulence can also be overcome by consuming ginger because ginger can help remove excess gas from the stomach.

2. Benefits of Ginger to Help Reduce Pain During Menstruation

ginger benefits

For some women, the arrival of ‘monthly guests’ or menstruation often disturbs them. Not only makes you weak, body aches, pain in the stomach area also often appears. Well, one of the health benefits of ginger can also be used to reduce the pain

3. Benefits of Ginger for Health can Cure Migraines

15 Benefits of Ginger for Health, Relieve Stress To Increase Fertility

In one study, 100 migraine patients who were given a medication containing ginger powder revealed that the drug reduced headache discomfort.

Research in Thailand also found that ginger is useful for maintaining stable blood pressure, especially for people with hypertension.

4. Help Maintain Brain Health

ginger benefits

One of the benefits of ginger that cannot be ignored is its benefits that can maintain brain health. If Parents Regularly consuming ginger is believed to be able to help inhibit the inflammatory process that occurs in the brain area.

5. Benefits of Ginger to Reduce Nausea

health benefits of ginger

The aroma of ginger is believed to help calm and reduce nausea and vomiting. Chemotherapy patients are often given ginger to get rid of the nausea caused by the therapy they have to undergo.

To reduce nausea, Parents You can eat raw ginger or boil it to make a drink.

6. Efficacy of Ginger to Prevent Acne and Signs of Premature Aging

health benefits of ginger

Reporting from Liputan6, ginger contains antioxidants that can increase collagen production and minimize skin damage.

In addition, the content of antiseptic and antioxidant substances in it can also fight bacteria and free radicals that are one of the causes of acne.

Studies show that the natural ingredients in ginger can promote the growth of new skin cells and improve blood circulation.

7. Reduces Pain

health benefits of ginger

A study at the University of Georgia revealed that supplements with raw materials ginger can reduce muscle soreness due to exercise by up to 25%.

For women who experience pain during menstruation or dysmenorrhea can also consume ginger to reduce the pain.

8. Health Benefits of Ginger Lowering Blood Glucose and Cholesterol

ginger benefits

Journal of the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health mentions one of the benefits of ginger. Where someone who regularly consumes ginger can lower blood glucose. In addition, it can lower LDL cholesterol (bad fat), triglycerides, while increasing HLD (good fat).

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9. Benefits of Ginger for Weight Loss

health benefits of ginger

Ginger is the body’s natural metabolism booster and can burn calories. Not only that, the consumption of ginger can also help keep the stomach feeling full.

Ginger can also increase blood circulation and skin cell regeneration which can help prevent cellulite on the skin.

Parents You can grate ginger and mix it with olive oil to make a natural scrub. Rub it on the skin with cellulite in circular motions, then wait until it dries and rinse with cold water.

10. Benefits of Ginger Help Prevent Cancer

15 Benefits of Ginger for Health, Relieve Stress To Increase Fertility

Gingerol content in ginger can be useful for preventing the growth of cancer cells in the colon.

Quoting from Hello Sehat, a study at the University of Minnesota proved that Gingerol can prevent the formation of tumors and reduce their severity.

11. Adding Appetite

ginger benefits

Loss of appetite or appetite? If so, try consuming ginger that is processed as a warm drink.

In fact, in addition to ginger, ginger is also believed to be one of the spices that can provide an appetite stimulant. If your little one starts to lose his appetite, try adding ginger to your cooking spice or making him a cup of ginger water.

12. Benefits of Ginger to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction in Men

15 Benefits of Ginger for Health, Relieve Stress To Increase Fertility

According to research conducted at Maryland Medical Center, the manganese content in ginger can prevent erectile dysfunction in men and have an effect on increasing fertility.

Consumption of ginger is believed to increase the amount of the male hormone testosterone by supporting nerve health.

13. Benefits of Ginger for Joint Health

health benefits of ginger

Gingerol in ginger is anti-inflammatory or can reduce inflammation in the body. Therefore, joint diseases such as osteoarthritis and rheumatism can be overcome by consuming ginger regularly.

14. Health Benefits of Ginger Can Relieve Stress

15 Benefits of Ginger for Health, Relieve Stress To Increase Fertility

The distinctive aroma of ginger and the polyphenol content in it can help relieve stress. Quoted from the Daily Mail UK, hot water with sliced ‚Äč‚Äčlemon and chopped ginger can help improve mood and improve digestive health.

Ginger contains antioxidants that help flush out harmful chemicals that the body produces when we feel anxious or stressed.

15. Prevents Baldness

15 Benefits of Ginger for Health, Relieve Stress To Increase Fertility

Hair loss makes you anxious? If this condition is middle Parents naturally, try to take advantage of ginger. It turns out that ginger is a spice that can be used as hair care. Because, ginger can stimulate the follicles in the scalp to nourish the scalp and can increase blood circulation in the scalp.

The content of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids contained in ginger can also strengthen hair strands, thereby reducing hair loss. Use ginger as a hair mask by crushing it and mixing it with virgin coconut oil.


That’s the benefits of ginger for health that can not be ignored. The plant with the scientific name Zingiber officinale is indeed very nutritious. is Parents Has your family ever tasted the benefits of ginger?

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