20 Years Submerged, the Mosque at Sunda Kelapa Harbor Still Stands Sturdy | 1NEWS

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This is the story of the Wal Adhuna Musala at the Sunda Kelapa Harbor.

Dreams – If we visit the Muara Baru area, Penjaringan, North Jakarta, we will meet Musala Wal Adhuna.

But unfortunately, now it is no longer functioned as a place of worship. The mosque has been submerged since 2000.

“It has been submerged since 2000. This mosque is inundated on the coast,” explained the owner of the YouTube channel, Narasi Hadi, who visited the mosque.

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Building Still Standing Sturdy

Musala Wal Adhana© YouTube

The building is still standing strong with strong foundations even though it has been neglected. It looks like the roof made of zinc is getting old with time.

It is known that the location of the prayer room is now behind a new embankment made by the local government.

“Twenty years of flooding. The location is behind a large embankment that stands on the Sunda Kelapa port area,” he continued.

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Had Become a Worship Center

Musala Wal Adhana© YouTube

According to the video owner’s explanation, the mosque was once visited by Muslim people from various circles. Ranging from fishermen to local residents.

“In fact, this mosque used to be a center of worship,” he explained.

Now the prayer room is only a silent witness to the economic activities of the community 20 years ago at the Sunda Kelapa Harbor. Even though it can’t be touched by humans, there is a distinct impression when you see the old building.

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The video

Here’s a video of the appearance of the Wal Adhuna Musala:

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