3rd Year Old Caca Tengker’s Birthday, Let’s Take a Peek at the Fun Portrait!

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5 Fun Photos of Caca Tengker's Birthday

Nagita Slavina’s younger sister, Caca Tengker, has just celebrated her first child’s 3rd birthday. The photo of Caca Tengker’s child’s birthday was also shared with the public.

Alsi Mega Marsha Tengker or familiarly called Caca Tengker married Barry Tedja Tamin in 2017. Currently, they have been blessed with two children, Ansara Maisadipta and Aruni Damina Tamin. Not long ago, his first child turned 3 years old.

To celebrate the age of the baby, Caca Tengker and her husband held a birthday party at home. Then, what is the excitement of the Caca Tengker child’s birthday? Let’s take a peek together, Parents!

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Attended by Family and Relatives

Caca Tengker’s birthday this time was celebrated during the Covid-19 pandemic. No wonder, even in celebrating the number of people who were invited very little. This is due to the implementation of PPKM rules that are applied in several regions in Indonesia.

The birthday of the girl who is familiarly called Ansara was not carried out on a large scale. Only a few nuclear families and relatives were invited to the wedding.

Caca Tengker’s Child Chooses His Own Birthday Dress

5 Fun Photos of Caca Tengker's Birthday

Even though he is only 3 years old, Rafathar’s cousin turned out to choose his own dress for his birthday party, you know! This was expressed by the mother, Caca Tengkar.

Through uploads on his personal Instagram, Caca Tengker congratulated his eldest child. He also said that he was surprised when he found Ansara choosing her own birthday dress.

“Mba Sawaaaaa, she is 3 years old, she can choose her costume, knows her favorite color. She can always surprise mom and dad with her knowledge and imagination,” wrote Caca.

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Caca Tengker’s Birthday Decoration Using Frozen Movie Friends

5 Fun Photos of Caca Tengker's Birthday

The theme of Ansara’s third anniversary this time was inspired by the very famous Disney movie, Frozen. This can be seen in the decorations chosen, birthday cake decorations, and the costumes worn by Nagita Slavina’s niece.

Looks like a color-dominated decoration baby blue which is the hallmark of the film Frozen. There are some orange balloons, baby pink, and yellow to add an extra accent in the décor.

Then, for the costume, it looks like Ansara is wearing dress blue, similar to that of one of the characters in the movie frozen, Elsa.

Not to forget, she wore a silver tiara and hair extensions silver braided so that it resembles Elsa’s hair. The selected birthday cake also uses a similar theme. It looks like the birthday cake of Caca Tengker’s child is decorated with a combination of blue and white. Then, above him stood the figures frozen, namely Elsa, Anna, and Olaf.

Raffi Ahmad’s family did not attend the birthday of Caca Tengker’s child

5 Fun Photos of Caca Tengker's Birthday

Unfortunately, this time the birthday of Caca Tengker’s child was not attended by Raffi Ahmad’s family. This is because Raffi Ahmad and his family are currently in Turkey.

They accompanied Rans Cilegon FC to play a friendly match with Turkish football club Fenerbahce. Not only that, Raffi Ahmad also made a presentation in front of CMO Tezcansayli and Secretary General of Fenerbache Burak C Kizilhan.

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Sending Gifts to Close People

3rd Year Old Caca Tengker's Birthday, Let's Take a Peek at the Fun Portrait!

Even though they didn’t invite and celebrate birthdays in a big way, Caca Tengker and his family still shared happiness with those closest to them.

In several moments on his Insta Story, it seems that he has sent a goodie bag containing various gifts to his closest people. This method is done, of course, to establish friendship and share happiness with friends and relatives.


Well, that’s some of the excitement of Caca Tengker’s birthday. Even though it was held on a limited basis, Ansara seemed to really enjoy the simple wedding party. Happy birthday, Ansara.

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