5 Birthday Cultures in Indonesia that Must Be Eliminated. Who first had this idea?

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Birthdays are definitely one of the happiest days in life. On this day, happiness is usually celebrated together as a form of gratitude for having been given the opportunity to live up to that second. The culture of celebrating birthdays around the world is certainly different. So are Indonesians, especially what often happens among young people.

Unfortunately, sometimes the culture of celebrating birthdays in Indonesia seems tacky and inconvenient for many parties. At least everyone has experienced or perhaps just seen how the culture has been passed down from generation to generation. For some people it may look happy, but for others it could mean the opposite. This is a series of birthday cultures in Indonesia that are better removed. It’s of no use!

1. Worked out to the point of humiliation. You’ve had a lot of victims too!

Birthday moment / Credit: Lupaland

Birthdays that are supposed to be memorable days for someone are often the opposite. This kind of tradition may look fun, especially if it is done in groups with peers. However, this tradition goes beyond reasonable limits. For example, tying a birthday person to a tree, throwing flour and oil at him, and even splashing his body with water.

Eits, that’s not much! Some were forced into the river, to various kinds of other harmful treatments. There have been so many victims who have fallen for this kind of joke, but there are still Indonesians who are proud to do it.

Just thinking about it on behalf of a close friend continues to be naughty. His name is a close friend, it shouldn’t be a loss~

2. Forced to treat all close friends. People who have birthdays are even made stupid!

Birthday celebration in Indonesia / Credit: Bangsaonline

The next culture that must be removed from Indonesia during birthday celebrations is this one issue. People who have a birthday should be happy, happy, don’t think it’s weird. In fact, in Indonesia, if someone has a birthday, it is as if they are obliged to treat all their friends as a sign of sincere friendship.

well, this is a trick from where else try? Never give gifts, let alone pray! It’s your turn to ask for a treat, always number one. The culture of friendship in Indonesia is really complicated.

3. For those who are birthdays, don’t even be gentlemen. You don’t need to ask your parents or other people for things

Birthday party illustration / Credit: Less daily

Things that are annoying with birthday culture in Indonesia don’t just come from other people. There are also things that are no less annoying than the birthday person itself. If it’s occasional, it’s still okay, but in Indonesia, it’s as if people who have birthdays have to and are obliged to ask their parents for things. There are so many cases out there about parents who end up having a hard time finding loans so that their children can celebrate birthdays.

4. The assumption that the first person to say happy birthday is the person who cares the most. Make people just want to sleep, at 12 at night they call!

Illustration of people going to sleep / Credit: Healthline

At the moment of someone’s birthday, we are often bothered with trivial matters like this. The assumption that people who wish you a happy birthday for the first time mean the person who cares the most is one of the respectable things that is still believed today. It’s as if if we don’t say the first one, it means we’re not a caring person.

The problem is, if you want to say happy birthday to the first one indirectly, we have to give him a greeting at 12 o’clock at night. People who want to take a break from being tired all day are even bothered by things like this.

5. Begging on line, this is again rampant on social media. Not really!

Birthday celebration / Credit: Blogunik

This absurd thing is usually done by people who are already famous and have a lot of followers on social media. In fact, if you think about it, it’s actually no different from people begging in general. It’s just that this is done in a more elegant style. It’s tacky, ridiculous, it has the potential to be done by other public figures as well. Don’t go along with it, okay?

Keep in mind that birthdays mean that we have been given the opportunity to live up to this moment. Indirectly, our age will automatically decrease, even though there are many out there who are praying for us to live a long life. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating this happy moment, as long as it’s natural.

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