5 Facts about the figure of Tyna Kanna, Mirdad’s wife who is suing for divorce | 1NEWS

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Her real name is Tyna Dwi Jayanti, many things are not known to the public about her figure. What are you?

Dream – Kenan Mirdad and Tyna Kanna’s household is on the brink. After many unpleasant rumors about their marriage, Tyna filed for divorce to Kenang at the South Jakarta Religious Court on August 30, 2021.

Before filing a lawsuit, the issue of infidelity in their marriage had become a conversation on social media. However, neither Tyna nor Kenang confirmed the rumors.

The public was actually surprised by the steps of Kenang’s sisters who are also celebrities, Nana Mirdad and Naysila Mirdad, who broke their friendship on social media.

Now the public can only guess about the cause of the shaky marriage of Kenang and the woman whose real name is Tyna Dwi Jayanti.

So far, Tyna’s figure has been widely known by the public, especially social media users. His figure is considered one of the celebgrams and receives many endorse offers. Now for those of you who are curious about the figure of Tyna Kanna in her real life, here are five facts about this 31-year-old woman:

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1. Stunningly Beautiful

Tyna Kanna (Photo : @tynakannamirdad)© Tyna Kanna (Photo : @tynakannamirdad)

It is undeniable that Tyna Kanna has a beautiful face. Her appearance is always stunning too. This can be seen from the photos uploaded on his Instagram account feed.

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2. Mother of two children

Tyna Kanna (Photo : @tynakannamirdad)© Tyna Kanna (Photo : @tynakannamirdad)

Married to Memories Mirdad, Tyna Kanna has two children. They are Alaia Lavmintikana Mirdad and Aluna Laila Mirdad.

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3. Hobby Cycling

Tyna Kanna (Photo : @tynakannamirdad)© Tyna Kanna (Photo : @tynakannamirdad)

Tyna Kanna often does her hobby of cycling. Even the hobby of cycling is often done with her husband Kenan Mirdad. Tya Kanna also often uploads her hobby of cycling on Instagram.

Tyna Kanna also looks very charming with her road bike.

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4. Brother-in-law of Ganesha

Tyna Kanna and her sister (Photo : @tynakannamirdad)© Tyna Kanna and her sister (Photo : @tynakannamirdad)

Maybe not many people know that Tyna Kanna is the younger sister of Cynthia Riza, the wife of Giring Nidji.

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5. Celebgram

Tyna Kanna (Photo : @tynakannamirdad)© Tyna Kanna (Photo : @tynakannamirdad)

Tyna is known as a celebgram although initially she was known as a beauty vlogger. He often promotes various products through his Instagram account. Currently the mother of two has 654,000 followers on Instagram.

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