7 Artists Who Live in Yogyakarta, More Peaceful and Tranquil!

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artist living in yogyakarta

Many think that the city of Yogyakarta is the right place to settle down with family. The Student City has a lot of natural attractions as well as child-friendly educational tours. The unique environment that is beautiful and peaceful is also the reason for the following artists to settle in Yogyakarta.

Unlike the capital and other metropolitan areas, people consider life in Yogyakarta to offer tranquility and peace. No wonder so many celebrities choose to live in the capital city of East Java. Who are they?

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7 Artists Who Live in Yogyakarta With Family

1. Zaskia Adya Mecca

Source: Coil

The couple Zaskia Adya Mecca and Hanung Bramantyo decided to bring their five children to Yogyakarta since the pandemic. Quoting from Kompas, one of the reasons for their move was because Zaskia felt hectic.

The star of the television series Doomsday is Near also stated that he was happier when he was in Jogja than in Jakarta. The reason is that life in the capital city is considered to move too fast so that he loses time and moments with his family.

Even so, Zaskia’s family move is still temporary because their children are still in school.

2. Cella Box

These 7 Artists Decide To Live In Yogyakarta With Family Source: IDN Times

The guitarist for the band Kotak, Mario Marcella Handika Putra alias Cella, admitted that he moved to Yogyakarta to get a quieter life. As reported by Brilio, Cella had suffered from mental illnesses such as depression and excessive anxiety because he was too busy with his activities in the capital city.

The doctor then advised Cella to take a vacation and calm down. He finally vacationed in Bali, Yogyakarta, and Malang. After visiting the three cities, Cella decided to move from Jakarta because he could not stand the traffic jams every day.

He chose Yogyakarta as his place to live because of the friendly environment and weather as well as the more affordable cost of living.

Cella with his wife, Carolyna Dewi, and their child Birama Bluesy Gibson Anacarla also live in a house located in rural Yogyakarta.

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3. Rio Febrian, Artist Who Lives in Yogyakarta

These 7 Artists Decide To Live In Yogyakarta With Family Source: Sound

Since 2016, musician Rio Febrian has decided to move to Yogyakarta. Together with his wife, Sabria Kono, and his two children, Rio left the hustle and bustle of the capital city. However, due to work demands he still frequently commutes from Jakarta to Yogyakarta.

Quoted from Kapanlagi, Rio, who opened several businesses in Gudeg City such as lodging and coffee shops, admitted that Yogyakarta has a different atmosphere. His children also feel very comfortable living in the city.

4. Duta Sheila on 7

These 7 Artists Decide To Live In Yogyakarta With Family Source: Sound

The band Sheila on 7 (SO7) which was popular in the 90s and early 2000s did come from Yogyakarta. However, unlike other celebrities who choose to live in Jakarta to pursue a career, vocalist SO7 Duta still insists on staying in his homeland, Yogyakarta.

Even though he once dominated various charts in the country and became one of the most popular bands of his time, Duta with his wife and children still live a simple life at his residence in Yogya.

5. Eros Sheila on 7

artist living in yogyakarta Source: Tabloid Nova

Just like Duta, his group mate, Eross Candra, also made the same decision. Instead of moving to the glamorous Jakarta, Eross prefers to stay in his hometown.

Eross, who often creates hits, lives in Ngaglik, Sleman. According to him, the reason for his decision to stay in Yogyakarta was because he could be closer to his family. Almost all of Sheila On 7’s personnel live in Yogyakarta except for Brian who lives in Jakarta.

6. Soimah, Artist who lives in Yogyakarta

These 7 Artists Decide To Live In Yogyakarta With Family Source: Kapanlagi

Singer and presenter Soimah Pancawati is indeed famous for often adorning the screen. Even though she spends quite a lot of time working in Jakarta, Soimah still often returns to her home in Yogyakarta.

In her pavilion-style house, Soimah has an ornamental plant business which is managed from home. His own residence is in Bantul which is his hometown.

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7. Jennifer Bachdim

These 7 Artists Decide To Live In Yogyakarta With Family Source: Instagram @jenniferbachdim

The wife of footballer Irfan Bachdim had moved and planned to settle in Yogyakarta some time ago. Jennifer Bachdim and her three children moved to Yogyakarta based on Irfan Bachdim’s move to defend the PSS Sleman football club.

He had time to share moments of the family preparing to move from their home on the Island of the Gods. In Yogyakarta Jennifer also lives in hotels and apartments while looking for a home for their family. But some time ago, Jennifer was seen returning to her activities in Bali.

Those are some artists who choose to stay in Yogyakarta with their families. Do you also agree that Yogyakarta is the perfect place to stay with your family because of its peaceful and serene environment?

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