8 Types of Garden Grass to Beautify the Home Page. Something Stays Sturdy Even If Stepped On

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Grass is one of the plants that we often encounter every day. This green plant does grow naturally in places that are usually neglected, indicating that natural life has returned to a place. However, many do not know that there are actually many types of garden grass, lo. Each grass has a different shape and function.

For those of you who are now planning to make your home page more beautiful, it would be better if you know in advance the types of garden grass. Here are various types of ornamental garden grass and their functions.

1. First there is Japanese grass. This one grass is pointed, thin and thin. Many people like to maintain Japanese grass because of its neat and slow growth

Japanese grass illustration/Credit: Unsplash @ptonchev

Although there is a Japanese frill in its name, this grass does not come from the land of the cherry blossoms. This type of Japanese garden grass is pointed, thin and thin. Because of this, Japanese grass will feel prickly on the skin when sitting on it.

Japanese grass itself is excellent and is often used as an ornamental grass by many people. Apart from its shape, this grass tends to grow neatly and slowly. As a result we do not need to tidy it up too often. Even so, this grass needs fertilizer and watering to stay green and not turn yellow. Besides being planted outdoors, Japanese grass is also suitable for use as grass for the garden indoor.

2. Next there is grass puzzle. This one grass is more often called weed. However, this grass also provides an aesthetic value if placed and cared for properly

Weeds/Credit: Unsplash @visnudeva

This grass really likes dry and wet places. Usually this grass lives on the banks of rivers, canals, or rice fields. This one grass includes weeds that can grow up to 140 cm. Although this puzzle grass is wild, it is not impossible to use it as an ornamental grass plant at home. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to maintain this grass, considering that puzzles are a type of cheap garden grass.

Its long leaves and stems can be an attractive decoration when combined with smaller grasses. If you choose to plant this grass at home, try to pay attention to it often and tidy it up to keep it looking aesthetically pleasing. Caring for this grass is also easy considering that the puzzle is a type of heat-resistant garden grass.

3. Tripe grass is better known as golf grass. This grass has small and short strands but grows very quickly

Golf grass/Credit: Unsplash @davealmine

This tripe grass is also called golf grass because it is often used to coat golf courses. If you pay attention, this tripe grass has small and short strands but can grow very quickly. Because of this short growth, tripe grass should be trimmed every two weeks. Requirements to get good growth quality from tripe grass is 100 percent sunlight.

4. Mini elephant grass is an affordable garden ornamental grass and is the main choice of many people. This grass has many advantages that do not require the owner to do maintenance too often

Mini elephant hair illustration/Credit: Unsplash @bp_miller

The elephant grass variant is one of the most affordable types of garden grass. The price of mini elephant grass in the market ranges from 25-40 thousand depending on the quality. As the name implies, this type of mini elephant grass has a small size. This grass grows slowly with a sideways growth pattern.

Many people choose this type of grass because of its advantages that can grow only with 50 percent sunlight. This grass also requires only a small amount of fertilizer and remains resistant to human foot stamping. If there are many children in your house, use mini elephant grass so that the garden still looks beautiful even if you step on it.

5. Large elephant grass is the ornamental grass of choice for many people. Its large and coarse texture makes this grass strong and durable

Elephant grass illustration/Credit: Unsplash @chicklad

Among the many types of garden grass there is a large elephant grass which is the choice of many people to decorate their gardens. Big elephant grass has a rough texture and the leaves are bigger than other elephant grass variants. Of course this grass is very different from his brother the mini elephant grass.

Its large size and rough texture make this grass strong and durable. You also don’t need to do complicated maintenance. Large elephant grass only needs to be watered occasionally to keep it bright green. The price of this grass is also quite cheap!

6. Next is the manila grass. This type of dark green grass is commonly used for football fields

Illustration of manila grass or stadium grass/Credit: Unsplash @grizzlybear

Next we enter the type of good garden grass, namely manila grass. This grass has a beautiful dark green color. In addition, the strength and elasticity is also good even though it acts as a footrest. Not surprisingly, manila grass is the best type of garden grass for a football field.

Because of its good quality, manila grass requires very regular and extra care. This grass needs to be mowed, fertilized and watered regularly. It is not surprising that large stadiums often carry out regular lawn maintenance on the field.

7. Swiss grass is grass that has the softest texture among other types of grass. Therefore, Swiss grass needs extra care and is of great value

Swiss grass illustration/Credit: Unsplash @sharonmccutcheon

This Swiss grass has the softest texture among other grass types. Because of this subtlety, this grass looks very neat and is suitable for decorating plants at home. In addition to providing an aesthetic impact, Swiss grass will also have a positive impact on the surrounding plants.

If you want to plant this type of grass, you must be prepared to do extra care, such as routine pruning, fertilizing, watering, and lighting. No need to worry, the money to buy grass and maintenance is commensurate with the beauty that is highlighted by this Swiss grass.

8. Lastly there is artificial grass. This artificial grass is heat and cold resistant, easy to install, and sizing. Very suitable for those of you who are lazy to do organic lawn care

Synthetic grass for indoor gardens/Credit: Unsplash @hencetheboom

Lastly, there is artificial grass. You can use this grass if you live in a place that is difficult to grow grass. This type of garden synthetic grass is also suitable for those of you who are lazy to do maintenance as well as maintain organic grass.

One of the advantages of this type of artificial grass for the garden outdoor is its resistance to hot or cold weather. This grass is also easy to install and you can determine the size as you like. Synthetic grass is also resistant to stomping. Because of this, many futsal courts have started using artificial turf.

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