9 Tips for Simple Fashion Style, Looks Luxurious with Cheap Clothes

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9 Tips for Simple Fashion Style, Looks Luxurious with Cheap Clothes

There is a saying “no need to be expensive to look stylish”. This is true. To look stylish, all you need is creativity. Regarding capital, it can be adjusted to your budget. Curious, how to look luxurious, but small capital with style simple fashion? Come on, take a look at the following tips!

Simple Fashion Style Tips to Look Luxurious with Cheap Clothes

1. Dress Up Silhouettes

Image: Unsplash

myfatpocket, launched from Coverage6, said, mix and match clothes is the main key to show style simple fashion can look more luxurious or expensive.

The first is to fix the silhouette to the subscription tailor. There are clothes that you like, but the size does not fit, or there are old clothes but the size is too small or too big. Just make it up to a custom tailor.

The silhouette in question does not only focus on the size of the waist, but can also lengthen or shorten its size, eliminate or reduce the size of the arms. You can adjust the shape to what is currently trending to make it look more complete.

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2. Neat Iron

simple fashion style Image: Unsplash

Wrinkled and wrinkled clothes are not only unsightly, but also make clothes untidy and cheap. Suggestion myfatpocket the second is to iron your clothes until they are smooth and wrinkle free. Also iron the folds that should be there so that the clothes look more firm and sturdy. After that, save it neatly if you don’t want to wear it yet.

3. Jewelry

simple fashion style Image: Unsplash

To be able to look luxurious, the key is not in the jewelry material used, whether it’s pure gold, diamonds or gems. But, more to the adjustment of the jewelry model with the character of the clothes you wear.

For example, like launching Womantalk, necklace layers (long) looks more attractive worn with a low cut V neck shirt, a small pearl necklace goes well with dress high neck or round collar.

Oh yeah, to get rid of the excessive impression and still maintain style simple fashion, avoid wearing too many accessories or too crowded, Mother.

4. Wear a Belt

simple fashion style Image: Unsplash

Belt or belt not only able to camouflage your distended stomach area but also make your waist curve look charming.

For style simple fashion who looks luxurious, wear a wide black belt with accents that are not excessive and colorful gold on dress or to coat the blazer you wear. Or a small chain belt to sweeten your look.

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5. Shades of Gold

9 Tips for Simple Fashion Style, Looks Luxurious with Cheap Clothes Image: Unsplash

Color gold never wrong, Mother. This color, in any setting, always manages to enhance the impression of luxury. So, add gold accents or shades to your accessories: jewelry, belts, scarves, shoes, or bags.

6. Pointed Shoes

simple fashion style Image: Unsplash

Believe it, right, if you mention the shape of the shoe, it can add a luxurious and elegant impression to the wearer? Well, one type of shoe that is right for this concept is pointed shoes. The shape simple, the heel height is just right, neither too high nor too low, and suitable to be worn when the atmosphere is formal (pointed toe) as well as casual (rounded toe). Tall heelit will not make you tired when wearing it. Your legs also look longer – even when you wear them dress or trousers (long pants).

If you’re not the type of woman who likes to collect shoes, pointed shoes This is a must have, here.

7. Bag

9 Tips for Simple Fashion Style, Looks Luxurious with Cheap Clothes Image: Unsplash

In addition to functioning to store personal items such as wallets and cellphones, bags can also enhance your appearance. whatever type of bag you choose, choose a simple shape with a color that is not too flashy. You can customize the bag with the shoes you wear, whether it’s from the color or the details (choose one).

8. Clothing Details

simple fashion style Image: Unsplash

The concept of luxury can usually also be seen from the details attached to the clothes. For example, clothing models, colors, buttons, motifs, collars to modifications such as lace, ribbons, or ruffle. If the buttons on your old clothes look out of date, just replace them with what’s trending right now. Or remove the tape or ruffle which makes the clothes look more tacky.

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9. Neat Makeup and Hairdo

9 Tips for Simple Fashion Style, Looks Luxurious with Cheap Clothes Image: Unsplash

Dress up maximum, of course, must be supported by look nice face and hairdo, dong. The time for the clothes is good, but without makeup and normal hair.

No need for makeup medhok, enough makeup nature or flawless. And the hair was styled simply. Do you want to get kicked, stripped, or a little curly no problem, the important thing is to look neat. If you overdo it, people’s attention will not be on your clothes, but instead on your face or hair.

Well, those were 9 style tips simple fashion which is very easy for you to copy. It’s not hard, is it, Mother?

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