A collection of makeup and fashion trends that went viral on TikTok. Which one have you tried?

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As we know, trend makeup and fashion including trends with a fairly fast turnover. In just a few days, there could be the latest beauty trends. If we usually surf on the YouTube account, para beauty vlogger to find tips and tricks about makeup and fashion, now you can also find various trends around beauty on TikTok. Yep, this one social media is really loved and is one of the new means to develop a variety of content including beauty and style.

Not only showing the final result, but the beauty enthusiast on TikTok also share tutorials in various ways. About the trend makeup And what fashions have gone viral? Let’s see with Hipwee Style!

1. First, there are challenges makeup Busy 3 minutes on TikTok, even some beauty influencer like Tasya Farasya and Fathinrm also enliven the makeup trend in this short time, lo~

Credit via TikTok @tasyafarasya/@nrmfathi

2. Trend makeup with the hashtag struggling to be creative, it is dominated by makeup Indonesian Independence Edition. Many make creations makeup with the dominant red and white colors to celebrate Indonesia’s 76th birthday

Credit via TikTok @yohannasicillia

3. It is undeniable that Korea is still a mecca for the world of beauty, through hashtags korean look, many make creations makeup which is similar to the makeup of Korean female celebrities

Credit via @nailamcdd/@dsylvlvy

4. Next up, trend makeup with the hashtag i’m not good at TikTok these transitions contain before and after content makeup and show quite different transitions. Someone’s transitioning into Barbie style!

Credit via TikTok @nandaarsyinta

5. Don’t touch me MDR is a makeup challenge the transition from Marion Jola, Danilla, and Ramengvrl were bustling with para beauty enthusiast on TikTok

Credit via TikTok @marionjola

6. This hashtag is my style, which also decorates TikTok trends and usually contains content mix and match clothes for girls and boys

Credit via TikTok @farhanbashel/@caambucket

So that’s a series of viral makeup and fashion trends on TikTok. Of the several trends above, which one have you tried, SoHip?


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