About the Behavior of Aldi Taher, Deddy Corbuzier and Luna Maya One Voice

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Luna Maya (Markuat/tabloidbintang.com)

1NEWSLuna Maya talked about many things with Deddy Corbuzier. One of the things they discussed was Aldi Taher’s behavior, which had become public gossip. Both of them are of the same voice regarding Aldi Taher’s behavior.

Indeed, Aldi Taher had been a guest star on YouTube owned by Deddy Corbuzier and Luna Maya. Deddy Corbuzier then expressed his frustration at Aldi who always answered questions jokingly, so what did Luna say?

“It? Annoyed. He (Aldi Taher) is here too like that?” say Luna Maya in the Podcast that airs on Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube Channel.

Luna Maya (Markuat/1NEWS)

Ariel NOAH’s ex-lover then said that it was actually his intention to invite Aldi Taher on his YouTube program to dig deeper into his figure and talk heart to heart about why he often commented on the problems of fellow artists at that time.

I that’s it actually curious about the figure of him who, ‘what the heck? actually behind his action? There’s for sure’. He wants his existence stay in-talk, the method just possible actually unique, yes,” said Luna Maya.

However, because the response she got from Aldi Taher was different from what was expected, Luna also admitted that she was upset. He also asked Deddy Corbuzier not to talk about Aldi Taher anymore.

“If that I’m annoyed. even though actually cave want heart to heart, but in-joke like that. Yes already NS, lazy,” concluded Luna Maya.


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