Abundant Harvest, Flower Farmers Gumitir Bite Fingers

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newsbali/ist/Gumitir Flower Farmers Bite Fingers when the harvest is abundant.

Beritabali.com, KARANASEM.
Getting abundant harvests is a hope for every farmer for what they plant both in the garden and in the rice fields.
However, when they get abundant harvests, a number of Gumitir flower farmers in Abang Village, Karangasem actually feel confused.

How not, when the yield of the Gumitir Flowers is good, the selling price of the flowers actually drops sharply, as if they have fallen on a ladder, the prices are cheap again, exacerbated by the lack of buyers.

“Usually the price per kilogram can be above Rp. 15 thousand, but now it has dropped to only Rp. 6 thousand, it has been sold cheaply and no one wants to buy it,” said one Bunga Gumitir farmer from Abang Kelod Hamlet, I Nengah Sudi on Thursday, (02/09/2021).

According to Sudi, the decline in the price of Gumitir was due to the influence of declining market demand because there were no major religious ceremonies. Besides that, it is also affected by the Corona Pandemic situation, especially when there are restrictions on religious ceremonies due to the implementation of restrictions on community activities (PPKM).

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