Anggia Novita Says Ferry Irawan Just Wants To Have Fun With Him – Latest Celeb News

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The divorce trial between Ferry Irawan and Anggia Novita was again held at the South Jakarta Religious Court with a mediation agenda. Unfortunately, now Ferry Irawan is absent due to his dropping condition.

However, the trial continued until the judge finally decided to continue the trial because mediation between the two failed.

“Mediation didn’t work but I think it’s better. Hehe Because as the plaintiff I am obliged to attend because the judge wants me to attend. That’s why I came even though I was sick,” he said when met after the trial at the South Jakarta Religious Court, Thursday (2/9).

Anggia Novita still remembers the time when she was suffering from a stroke and Ferry Irawan just left her. Therefore, he chose to end the household with Ferry Irawan.

“I just want a divorce. Because he wasn’t at my house, he actually left my house because he saw I was sick. Doesn’t want to take care of me. He just wants to have fun with me,” said Anggia Novita.

For the decision taken, Anggia Novita admits that she has no regrets. In fact, he said that his life is calmer and there is no intention to reconcile.

“I don’t think so (possibly referring), I want to live in peace. Instead of me thinking about him and his family, I’m dizzy,” he concluded.

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