Atta Gifts a Car with a Toilet for Aurel, Turns out this is the reason

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The Story of a Toilet Car Gift for Aurel Hermansyah

A husband has his own unique way of expressing happiness when his wife is pregnant. As did artist and youtuber Atta Halilintar, he gave an unusual gift. A car with a toilet for Aurel Hermansyah was given to facilitate his wife’s needs when she was pregnant.

Aurel’s Post-Abortion Pregnancy

Having felt sadness after Aurel miscarried, the Atta and Aurel couple are now happy. This is because Aurel has two bodies. Learning from their previous pregnancies, now Aurel and Atta choose not to boast when their pregnancy is still young.

They both made sure that Aurel’s womb was strong enough to then announce the news of her pregnancy. After 3 months of keeping it secret, Aurel finally expressed her gratitude on her Instagram account.

“MasyAllah… Thank you, God, for entrusting us again to become parents. After 3 months we kept it a secret, alhamdulillah now it’s been more than 3 months, so we just dared to answer my friends’ questions, “ said Aurel.

In an Instagram account post, this 23-year-old woman uploaded a video of her baby’s ultrasound in the womb. The fetus is seen to be active and the heartbeat can be heard.

“This video was taken when I was 2 months pregnant, friends. Pray, my online friends, that Mama and baby AH will be healthy until delivery later and given smoothness… Amen, God.” continued Aurel.

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Atta Halilintar Presents Car with Toilet for Aurel

The Story of a Toilet Car Gift for Aurel Hermansyah

As with most couples, Atta is certainly very happy with Aurel’s pregnancy this time. The difference is, a prize is provided by the most existent YouTuber in this country. Atta gifted a Mercedes Benz Benz Sprinter for his wife to feel safe and comfortable.

Don’t imagine a car like in general, okay? Parents. This car is equipped with a cabin that is fairly spacious for the size of the car. In fact, the car is also equipped with a mini bed and toilet!

Furthermore, Atta turned out to have his own reasons for this unique gift.

The reason Atta gave a car with a toilet for Aurel

Give a Complete Car with Toilet for Aurel, Atta Halilintar:

“Yesterday my wife said ‘I want to go out of town, want to go to Bandung, want to go to Bogor, so I’m looking for one with a mattress for my wife,” said Atta Halilintar on his YouTube, Wednesday (1/9/2021).

Like other pregnant women, Aurel also felt symptoms during her pregnancy. He so often urinate with a frequency that is quite frequent. This reason moved Atta’s heart to buy a car with a toilet in it.

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“There’s also a toilet because the name is pregnant, guys, so I go to the toilet every 10 minutes, sometimes every 5 minutes. I can’t hold it anymore,” explained Aurel telling her condition.

No doubt this condition makes Aurel trouble. Inevitably, he had to frequently go back and forth to the toilet, including when he was stuck in traffic on the way.

Aurel Hermansyah is grateful to have an understanding husband

toilet car for aurel

Aurel admitted that she was very grateful that her husband was very understanding with her condition.

“So imagine, for example, 1 hour drive I want to urinate 10 times, but we are on the toll road, for example in traffic jams, how is it difficult to pass water. So Alhamdulillah, my husband is very understanding,” continued Aurel.

Atta considered that it was quite common for a father to do this for his future child. Atta feels proud and his hard work is not in vain to provide comfort for his wife and the unborn baby.

“So let my son be happy in his stomach. His name is father, every day he works hard for his son and his wife,” said Atta again.

Atta also plans that this car will become the property of the child when he grows up.

“Later this car when my son is older, this car belongs to him. So this is for him to go to school,” said Atta.


That’s the news about Atta who gave Aurel a car with a toilet as a gift.

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