Atta Halilintar Buys A Car With A Toilet Because Aurel’s Wife Often Pees Every 5 Minutes | Most Exciting

  • Share – Atta Halilintar’s sincere love and affection for his wife, Aurel Hermansyah, does not need to be doubted. His attitude and actions towards Aurel even made the public, especially women, feel envious, and yearn for a life partner like him.

Plus, Aurel is now pregnant with the fruit of their love. Atta is increasingly making his wife like a queen. Even recently Atta gifted his wife and prospective baby a luxury Mercedes-Benz Spinter van.

“This is a gift for my son, guys. Yesterday my wife said ‘I want to go out of town, I want to go to Bandung, I want to go to Bogor’, so I’m looking for one with a bed for my wife, “said Atta on his YouTube channel.

Not only to make his wife comfortable while traveling, with the presence of bed facilities in the luxury car, but Atta also wants to keep his wife from going back and forth to the toilet.


“There’s also a toilet because it’s called pregnant, guys. So I go to the toilet every 10 minutes, sometimes every 5 minutes. I can’t hold it anymore,” said Aurel.

“So imagine, for example 1 hour drive I want to pee 10 times, but we’re on the highway, for example, in traffic jams, how to pass water, isn’t it difficult?”

“So thank God my husband is very understanding,” added Aurel, while hugging her husband, reported by

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