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Bakayoko Says Milan is Now Much Stronger – AC Milan’s new retainer, Tiemoue Bakayoko feels that the current squad of I Rossoneri is much stronger than when he first arrived in the 2018/2019 season.

Having a pleasant memory when he was first loaned by I Rossoneri in the 2018/2019 season, Tiemoue Bakayoko was finally able to return to strengthen the team from the fashion city this season. Slightly different from before, this time the French player came with a loan method for two seasons along with a purchase option that could become a bond if certain conditions were met.

Bakayoko can’t hide his joy after having managed to return to the Rossoneri again especially now that he will be able to play with them in the Champions League. Speaking at a press conference also reported by Football Italia, the former AS Monaco retainer also believes that Milan’s current squad is much better than when he first joined where they failed to qualify for the Champions League by narrow numbers.

Joining a team that is on the rise, especially with the success of finishing second at the end of last season, Bakayoko admits that he is ready to give his best contribution. Since the Rossoneri are currently in good condition, the midfielder remains confident that he will be able to provide his abilities, especially through his extensive experience.

Considering that the Rossoneri are currently inhabited by many young retainers, the presence of a player like Bakayoko who, although still 27-years-old, still has experience playing in various teams. The midfielder certainly wants to be able to return to being one of the key retainers for the Red and Black squad to achieve maximum results at the end of the season.

The return of Bakayoko is expected by Milan to be able to further strengthen their midfield, especially at the beginning of the year when several important players will go to strengthen their country in the Africa Cup of Nations. The French player will be plotted as a cover figure for Franck Kessie, who last season played an almost irreplaceable role in the midfield of Stefano Pioli’s side.

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