Barcelona’s profit from the loan of Luuk de Jong

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1NEWS – Towards the end of the summer transfer window of 2021, Barcelona is known to have succeeded in signing Luuk de Jong from Sevilla. The Dutchman landed at Camp Nou on loan.

Replace Antoine Griezmann

This summer Barcelona is known to make a transfer that is quite surprising. Where the Catalan club brought in a striker on loan from a neighboring club, Sevilla. Luuk de Jong is known to have come to Camp Nou after the Blaugrana management agreed to borrow the bomber from Sevilla until June 2022.

The arrival of de Jong is rumored to replace the role of Antoine Griezmann on loan at Atlético Madrid. When viewed in terms of capabilities, Luuk de Jong is indeed not a commensurate substitute for a player like Griezmann on the front lines of Barcelona.

Even before that Barcelona had players with extraordinary talent like Lionel Messi. However, there are four important things that are considered by the management of El Barca in the transfer of de Jong.

Reducing Financial Burden

During the 2020/2021 season, Barcelona reported to be experiencing a very serious economic crisis. Even this Catalan city club is recorded to have a debt of 20.34 trillion Rupiah.

With the arrival of Luuk de Jong and the loan of Antoine Griezmann to Atletico Madrid, Barcelona can breathe a little easier. Because the obligation to pay the salaries of expensive players can be slightly reduced. Barcelona only needs to pay 3.4 billion Rupiah for the services of de Jong.

This value is smaller than the salary of Antoine Griezmann which reached 11 billion Rupiah. With the reduced burden of players with expensive salaries, the money that Barcelona currently has can be used to buy new players in the summer transfer market in 2021 this time.

Orange Connection

Arrival Luuk de Jong this summer is increasingly synonymous with Dutch players. Previously, the Blaugrana management had brought in Frankie de Jong and Memphis Depay.

In addition to the two names above, Barcelona is currently also being coached by Ronald Koeman who is a coach from the Netherlands. Even Koeman had also been the coach of Luuk de Jong when he was still actively coaching the Dutch national team. This situation is like a reunion between the players and the coach of the Dutch national team. Only this time they take shelter in Barcelona.

Can Immediately Fit

Speaking of experience, Luuk de Jong is a player who has eaten a lot of salt in the Spanish top caste competition. Before being loaned to Barcelona, ​​de Jong had defended Sevilla since last July 2019.

With his experience playing in La Liga, Barcelona will benefit because the player will not be bothered to adapt. Although on the other hand, his achievements with Sevilla are arguably not so bright.

Have a Champion Mental

Luuk de Jong is actually not a bomber of cans if we look at his playing statistics when he was still competing in the Dutch Eredivisie League. In the last 2018/2019 season, the media ride88 noted that this 31-year-old bomber had listed his name as the top scorer in the Eredivisie League.

De Jong is able to score more than 20 goals with his old club, PSV Eindhoven each season. This record is what attracted Sevilla and brought him to Spain.

While playing at Sevilla, Luuk de Jong successfully brought his team back to being kings in the Europa League competition in the 2019/2020 season. With all these brilliant achievements, it is certain that Luuk de Jong has a winning mentality. This mentality is what Barcelona currently needs to be able to win the title this season.

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