Because of his heartache, his son likes to go out with a boy, so the motive for the father to rape 2 biological daughters in Jombang | Most Exciting

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Most Fun – The man with the initials HRS (36) was arrested by the Jombang Police for the rape of his two biological daughters which was carried out at their residence in Peterongan District, Jombang Regency, East Java. The man who works as a parking attendant was reported by his own wife, SUM (37).

From the results of the examination, HRS raped his two underage daughters. He also admitted that he often did his actions at night when his wife was fast asleep. HRS and SUM household relations have been running harmoniously.

“Because my son often goes out with the boys. I made a mistake sir and feel hurt, ” HRS told reporters on Wednesday (1/9/2021).

The reason HRS did this depraved act was because he made a mistake and felt hurt because his daughter was often invited out by her male friends. Because he was not willing to do this, HRS ended up having sex. He also threatened the princess not to give her pocket money if she refused his invitation.


“To launch the method, the perpetrator threatened not to give pocket money and not send the victim to school if he didn’t want to serve her,” said Head of the Women and Children Service Unit (PPA) of the Jombang Police Satreskrim, Ipda Agus. Setiyani.

However, HRS’ depraved action was revealed when SUM caught HRS who had just come out of his eldest daughter’s room wearing only a sarong on Saturday (14/8/2021) at around 04.30 WIB. Seeing this, SUM, who was currently cooking in the kitchen, immediately asked the child. His eldest daughter also claimed to have been raped by her biological father.

HRS has been carrying out this depraved act since 2018. Initially he raped his eldest daughter who was then 14 years old who is now 16 years old. Not satisfied with raping his eldest daughter repeatedly, HRS then also raped his youngest daughter who was 14 years old.

For his actions, HRS is subject to Article 81 paragraph (2) paragraph (3) and paragraph (5), Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 17 of 2016 concerning the stipulation of Government Regulation in Lieu of Law Number 1 of 2006 concerning the second amendment to Law Number 32 2002 concerning the protection of children with the threat of a minimum sentence of 10 years and a maximum of 20 years in prison and castration.

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