Caught Due to Drugs, Police Continue to Explore Coki Pardede – Latest Celeb News

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The arrest of comic Coki Pardede for drug abuse on Wednesday (1/9) shocked many parties. Coki Pardede himself was secured at his home with evidence of methamphetamine.

Until now, the police are still investigating the case to reveal the case more deeply.

“Yes, really (Coki Pardede was arrested) again, we will conduct an in-depth interrogation first,” said AKBP Pratomo Widodo, Head of Narcotics at the Tangerang City Police when contacted by reporters, Thursday (2/9).

“We are developing this again, we will release it later,” Pratomo Widodo added.

Pratomo Widodo said that the police were also successful in apprehending the supplier of the illicit goods along with Coki Pardede.

“We also arrest the supplier,” he concluded.

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