Cheated by Rp2.4 billion, food vlogger Magdalena sues her former admin for embezzling money

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Being a public figure means being ready for a busy day. Sometimes public figures cannot distinguish and separate work and personal life because they are very busy. Because of this, having an assistant, manager or admin to take care of business matters is a must.

However, not a few public figures who then clash with their own employees. Usually these artists feel aggrieved and cheated because of the actions of the employees who take care of the business. This incident is happening to one of the country’s famous food vloggers, Magdalena Fridawati or more familiarly called Mgdalenaf. Magdalena is known to have reported her former social media admin to the police.

Magdalena Fridawati reported her former social media account admin. It is known, the food vlogger suffered a loss of 2.4 billion rupiah

Magdalena/Credit: Tribune

One of the country’s well-known food vloggers, Magdalena Fridawati alias Mgdalenaf, reported her former social media account admin to the police. It is known, the admin was reported on suspicion of committing cases of fraud, forgery of letters, embezzlement and money laundering. This unfortunate case occurs as long as the perpetrator has full control over the related social media endorsement.

From the embezzlement case, Magdalena said that she suffered substantial material losses. The perpetrator, Gita Cinta Kintamani Akbar, is known to have harmed Magdalena by 2.4 billion rupiah. The admin forged Magdalena’s signature and made two different agreement letters for MSME clients who wanted to use the services endorse-his. Turns out most of the money endorsement into the admin’s personal account. “Because here the loss is around Rp. 2.4 billion. Including my own losses, including funds from MSMEs that were misused, “said Magdalena as reported by KapanLagi.

Magdalena explained the chronology of the misappropriation of funds and why she was able to find out the amount of losses she suffered

In addition to reporting the suspect, Magdalena also told the chronology of the unfortunate incident. From the food vlogger’s story, it is known that Gita has just started working since June 2020. After only one year of working, Magdalena received a complaint from one of the MSMEs. He then tracked down and found fraud committed by the employee he trusted.

After feeling that there was something odd about Gita’s work, Magdalena finally decided to dismiss the admin. From there, Magdalena was able to take the cellphone used by the admin. Thanks to the cellphone, Magdalena was able to carry out internal audits and found a lot of misappropriation of funds from clients. Because Magdalena had strong evidence, she then reported the case to the Polda Metro Jaya. The case is currently being investigated and handled by the authorities.


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