Don’t Just For Formality, Here Are 6 Benefits Of Hugging Children Routinely!

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In the past, maybe hugging a child was thought to make the child spoil. But actually hugging a child is a common form of affection and does not mean that it will spoil the child later. Today’s parents certainly understand very well about the benefits of hugging children. No wonder if Moms have seen a mother who lingers hugging her child. This is not because the child wants to be pampered but there are benefits behind the hug.

For Moms, this is the benefit of hugging a child and from now on, don’t take it lightly anymore, Moms!

1. Able to establish a bond between mother and child. That’s why doctors recommend that new mothers make contact immediately skin to skin

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Mothers who often hug their children will strengthen their bond with the child. Even children who are often hugged since babies also grow into loving children and are not easily fussy as babies.

2.Increase body resistance. Children who are often hugged by their parents also have a better immune system than those who are rarely hugged

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Although often ignored, it turns out that taking a moment to hug your child also makes you healthier, Moms. Children who are experiencing flu symptoms or fever will quickly improve if their mother hugs them. This is because hugs, especially from mothers, can increase the child’s immune system.

3.Reduce feelings of anxiety and stress in children. Who would have thought if a hug from a mother for her child turned out to be able to fix it mood child

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Children can also easily feel anxious and worried about something. One of the most effective ways to deal with it is a mother’s hug. This will help the child feel better and comfortable. In addition, hugs between mother and child are also able to release the hormone oxytocin which not only makes the child feel calm but the mother is also happier.

4. Able to maintain a healthy heart. Children who are often hugged by their mothers have more stable blood pressure

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Maybe there are many moms out there who don’t know that it turns out that the hugs that mothers give to children are able to provide stable blood pressure. When hugging, the hormone oxytocin will be released so that it has a direct impact on blood pressure. So, often hug the child yes, Moms.

5. Reduce the pain suffered by the child. Giving a hug to the child will make his breathing smoother so that it relieves the feeling of tightness

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Sometimes parents do not understand the child’s will so that it makes the child a little depressed and causes tightness in the chest. By giving him a hug, the circulation and oxygen supply to various tissues is more controlled so as to relieve the feeling of tightness suffered by the child.

6. As a form of support so that children feel loved always. Hugs are everything for children so that they feel that they are always cared for by their parents

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Parents are so busy that some children may not get the attention they get in the form of hugs. However, the benefits of hugs can also make children feel cared for and always loved so that they can have a good impact on their growth and development.

For parents, especially moms, try from now on to take a minute to give your little one a hug. Don’t take it lightly anymore, because the benefits of hugs are many, as Mamin wrote above. I hope it’s useful, Moms.

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