Even though it’s cool, it turns out that these are 5 rules for using a fan in babies!

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Turning on the fan will certainly make the room fresher. Especially if the weather is very hot, of course the use of fans will increase. However, the use of this fan turns out to have a bad impact on your baby, Moms. Keep in mind, even if you feel hot, it’s better not to turn on the fan, especially when you have a baby.

The existence of a fan will actually also make the baby feel comfortable because it is not hot. One of the causes of fussy babies at home is stifling heat. No wonder turning on the fan to calm the baby is the right solution. But when viewed from the health side, it turns out to be dangerous for your baby, Moms.

This is the bad impact of using a fan for babies, especially if the duration is continuous. All moms must read!

1. The baby will have a respiratory infection. Dust and dirt will enter the lungs and make it infected

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Dirt on the fan blades if not kept clean will only harm the baby. This is because the amount of dust that is spinning and unknowingly enters the baby’s nose will cause an infection in the respiratory tract. For this reason, it is better if you use a fan so that it is cleaned regularly for the health of the baby.

2. The baby will have sinusitis. The risk of sinusitis in babies increases because it is triggered by cold air on the fan

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Babies can experience sinusitis due to the air produced from the fan. This causes the mucous membranes in the nose to dry out. If left unchecked will produce a lot of mucus and is harmful to the respiratory tract so that it can trigger sinus irritation. Sinusitis in infants certainly cannot be underestimated because it becomes a source of infection in the nervous system that causes inflammation of the brain or meningitis.

3. Babies can experience a decrease in body temperature. This can have a negative impact such as being exposed to hypothermia

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The air produced by the fan that is aimed directly at the baby will cause hypothermia. When a baby is hypothermic, his body temperature will decrease from normal limits. This is also reported by Today Parent, the use of fans for babies, especially in the room, must ensure air circulation. In addition, its use also has rules such as not being able to direct it directly at the baby’s body.

4. Babies are at risk of dehydration. Lack of fluids in babies will only have an impact on other health

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The fan is indeed the right solution so that the baby does not fuss because of the heat. However, its use should not be directed at babies. A fan that is pointed directly at the baby’s body will only increase the risk of dehydration. This causes the baby to be dehydrated and the skin to become dry. One sign of dehydration is that your baby often feels thirsty.

5. Babies have problems with the muscles. Exposure to wind directly on the baby’s body can trigger muscle problems

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Moms need to know that using a fan will also cause muscle problems in babies such as decreased production of muscle and joint fluid lubricants. In addition, the joint muscles will also become stiff and at risk of developing muscle pain. This will make the baby fussy because of the pain.

As a parent, it is natural to provide the best care for the health of the baby. It also keeps the baby healthy. Moms who have read this should not turn on the fan carelessly. This is for the health of the baby. Hope it’s useful, Moms!

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