Flashback, The Disgrace Behind Saipul Jamil and Dewi Perssik’s Divorce: Is He a Righteous Husband?

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Saipul Jamil (Seno/tabloidbintang.com)

1NEWS – Today, Thursday (2/9) Ready Jamil or Bang Ipul is free from prison, after serving 5 years for the sexual abuse of two underage men, the initials DS and AW. In 2016, this case was very excited, because the reports of victims of sexual harassment by Ipul were quite vulgar.

at a glance Flash backAW is known to Ipul’s assistant, who was originally a paid spectator on the show D’Academy 1 aired in 2014. Ipul asked for BB pin and AW mobile number, when break advertisement. Communication between Ipul and AW was established. Until AW was offered to be Ipul’s assistant. AW wants, because it requires money and work. .

For 5 months as Ipul’s personal assistant, AW gets paid 50 thousand-100 thousand rupiah per day. It turned out that not only that, AW also twice received harassment from his employer. “AW was still 20 years old, when it happened in March 2014-April 2014. Ipul asked for a massage on the grounds that his body was sore, then forced AW to ‘serve’ the person concerned. The next incident was while AW was sleeping, suddenly Ipul came and groped AW’s body and sensitive areas,” said Fajar, AW’s attorney at the time.

Saipul Jamil (Seno/1NEWS)

AW was unable to fight back, because Ipul’s mouth was smothered and his hands were crushed by Ipul’s larger body. AW can’t do anything. “My vitals were touched,” said AW, looking down in shame. After that incident, AW stopped working. AW’s psychological state was shaken. It wasn’t until almost 2 years later that he had the courage to report the sad incident to the authorities.

The facts of reporting the victims in 2016 made a lot of women love them Ipul was shaken. Almost can’t believe it. Mothers chattered at that time, “Is that so? He’s married twice, has a wife.” Tabloid Notes Indonesian star At that time, recording again, how the love journey of Ipul and his first wife, Dewi Perssik. Scraping the singer again about his past story with Ipul. Ipul met Dewi Perssik in 2008. In Dewi’s eyes at that time, Ipul was the prince of idols! “He is similar to Bertrand Antolin. I was a big fan and I really fell in love with Ipul at that time,” said Dewi. From teasing and teasing each other on stage after stage, these two people knit love.

“During the courtship period, it wasn’t that I didn’t know, in fact I often heard gossip about him being gay. But I just don’t want to believe it. That’s why I asked him directly and I chose to believe the answer,” said Dewi describing the beginning of her relationship with Ipul to the Indonesian Bintang Tabloid in 2005. Married in 2005, Ipul and Dewi’s household was shaken since early 2007. This super-loving couple often quarreled. Ipul began to drop the divorce. What Ipul fussed about was that his wife did not comply with her wish to dress modestly.

Ipul’s reprimands about this sexy costume sparked a fight. But many people don’t believe that the rift in their household is only because Dewi doesn’t want to hear her husband’s words. The issue of a third party arose, but both of them denied it. “I have no relationship with other women,” said Ipul at the time.

Dewi Perssik (Seno/tabloidbintang.com)

Dewi Perssik (Seno/1NEWS)

At the end of the divorce process at the court, Dewi vaguely revealed why this marriage had to end. “I object to saying that Ipul’s reason for suing me is simply because I don’t want to change my appearance on stage. The thing about clothes is camouflage! Indeed there is a problem, or rather a disgrace fit! This disgrace only I and Ipul know! I can’t reveal this to the media,” he said. He emphasized that there was no infidelity, nor was it because of income Ipul not enough. It’s just too taboo to reveal the real reason.

Dewi was really relieved when the divorce file was submitted to the North Jakarta Religious Court, November 2007. “Obviously relieved. Instead of living for months hanging. Not given physical and spiritual sustenance.” Emotionally, Dewi corrected Ipul, “Has he become a responsible husband? Has he also become a pious husband?” He also objected to Ipul’s statement in every infotainment, he is a loyal husband accompanying Dewi from stage to stage. “Yes, instead of him playing with his friends at home, it’s better to accompany his wife who is making a living. Honestly, I’m not strong anymore,” said Dewi.

He made a similar statement the day after Ipul’s arrest. At that time he commented, the figure of Ipul that he knew was a person who often beriktikaf with his male friends.


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