Football Player Athletic Body Transformation

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10 Poses of Natalia Barulich, Neymar's ex who likes to show off his sexiness

“It takes hard work and high persistence. Looks sexy in the eyes of women.”

1NEWS – A footballer will do anything to gain a physical advantage over their opponent. To get the ideal body shape means to be diligent in going to the gym.

But at first they don’t always look like bodybuilders. At the beginning of their careers as professional footballers, not a few of them were tall and so on.
Or vice versa.

However, these footballers certainly underwent a body transformation. In the meantime, let’s take a look at some footballers with incredible body transformations.


When former Chelsea star Eden Hazard moved to Real Madrid in a £130 million/Rp. 2.5 trillion Los Blancos are certainly feeling happy.

But they will not be happy when Hazard shows up in training weighing up to seven kilograms. He was even ridiculed in a cartoon.

10 Poses of Natalia Barulich, Neymar’s ex who likes to show off his sexiness

However, during the lockdown due to Covid-19, Hazard was very concerned about his fitness.

“It’s complicated for me. I try not to eat a lot,” he told RTBF.

“I try not to go to the pantry to eat a lot of bread, but it’s not easy,” she said.


As an 18-year-old teenager who had just arrived from Sporting Lisbon, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner was often called too skinny by his coaches.

But over the years, thanks to perseverance and hard work Ronaldo now has the coveted body shape
by everyone.

“With dedication and hard work in the gym, I improved a lot in that regard – in the end it depends on the mindset of the person.”

In addition, Ronaldo also regularly does Pilates, a method of exercise similar to yoga.


Similar to the case of Ronaldo, when Rashford appeared at Old Trafford in 2017, he looked thin and uncomfortable to look at, but that was when he was only 19 years old, now 4 years later Rashford has transformed into a more muscular one.


Robert Lewandowski’s wife is a nutritionist. So it is natural that health and body shape are so considered.

Through his diet, as well as rigorous training with Bayern Munich, Lewandowski is now the perfect example of a great body shape.

“My wife changed our diet step by step, first cutting back on sweets and then dairy,” explains Lewandowski.

“Cow’s milk and soy milk are not good for me. Almond milk and rice milk are fine. I don’t really drink alcohol either. Maybe wine but only occasionally.”


Take a good look at when young Traore was at Barcelona and when he was already playing at Wolverhampton. There is such a stark difference in his body. Especially the arm muscles.

But despite his good muscles, Traore insists that he doesn’t do any weight training.

“It’s hard to believe, but I don’t do weight training. It’s genetic. I work out, but I’m gaining mass very quickly.”


Akinfenwa admitted that he ate like a wild animal, even though his weight went up and down.

“My breakfast menu is Weetabix with honey,” he told the Daily Mail.

“My home chef personally makes chicken for me and it makes me very happy.”

“Then shake it in the afternoon. For dinner, again maybe chicken, potatoes and coleslaw. My Nigerian and Caribbean partner makes curried goat, rice and potatoes.”

Really jumbo portion.


His real name is Givanildo Vierra de Souza, he is nicknamed the Hulk because of his muscular stature. But there was a time when the former Porto star looked a little overweight. But quickly Hulk can form his ideal body as before. Now at the age of 35 years, he looks more fit.


When Ramos was still at Seville, he was just an ordinary defender. Now, look how sexy Ramos is.

“My training routine at home is usually focused on functional and isometric exercises, always ending with some cardio,” said the new Paris Saint-Germain player.

And for Sergio, a healthy breakfast is the right choice to start the day.
She revealed: “I usually drink coffee, whole grain bread with protein like turkey breast or hard-boiled egg, and a piece of fruit.”


The former Wolves star, who now plays for National League side Maidstone United, has always been a crowd favorite because of his physique.

At just 5 feet 9 inches tall, Elokobi earned the nickname ‘The Body’ at Molineux because he looked so pure-muscled.


The fiery former Manchester City striker initially appeared tall and slender.

But after celebrating a goal for Italy against Germany at Euro 2012, he did not hesitate to show off his body with his sixpack abs.

However, the normally fit Balotelli was nothing but in 2018 when he returned to training for Nice, he looked very overweight.

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