Former DPO Samin Tan Sentenced to Free, Even though he was entangled in the Gratification Case of Officials up to 5 billion – Boombastis

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The issue of bribery in Indonesia seems to be a tradition. Whether it’s a small or large institution, this kind of practice is often encountered. However, law enforcers and the KPK will continue to strive to eradicate this illicit attempt to poison this country.

The gratification case from Samin Tan may be one proof of efforts to eliminate gratification efforts in this country. Although he has been arrested, the court’s decision is considered odd for many people. Then why did it happen? Is there a solution to solve it? Check out the full review below.

Samin Tan with gratification case

A rich businessman named Samin Tan, his name is being discussed by many people. This is because he was involved in a gratification case and had to be dragged away by the KPK. The gratification case that ensnared him also involved one of the former Deputy Chairpersons of Commission VII DPR Eni Saragih.

Samin Tan gratuity [sumber gambar]

Until finally Eni Saragih had to serve a sentence of 6 years to account for his actions. Well, while Samin Tan himself has been on the run since May 2020 and was arrested in April 2021. However, the trial that was conducted on Samin Tan was considered odd.

The chronology of billions of dollars gratification

The beginning of this gratification began when Samin Tan asked for help from politicians so that the termination of PT AKT’s PKP2B could be reviewed by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Well, only then did the politician introduce Samin Tan to Eni Saragih. In the end, Eni received a total of IDR 5 billion and was paid three times.

Eni Saragih [sumber gambar]

This provision of money aims to solve the problem of terminating the third generation of PKP2B between PT AKT and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. However, the action did not go smoothly and they had to deal with the KPK.

The judge’s decision is considered odd

Indeed, Eni Saragih has been serving his sentence since 2019, but Samin Tan has only recently been tried. Unfortunately, many people consider the judge’s decision to be quite odd. Reporting from the Tirto page, Samin Tan is considered a victim of this gratification carried out by Eni Saragih. Whereas Samin Tan should have been a bribe giver and not a victim.

Odd Judgment [sumber gambar]

Even the acquittal was given, even though it could be charged with Article 5 paragraphs (1) and (2) and Article 13 of the Anti-Corruption Law with severe penalties. As a result, the prosecutor immediately filed an appeal against this decision and fought for the defendant to be punished with the appropriate sentence.

Who is the judge who makes the decision?

The three judges who acquitted Samin Tan turned out to be Panji Surono, Teguh Santoso, and Sukartono. The judge’s decision is based on the fact that the law regarding gratuities has not been regulated and criminalized. Therefore, Samin Tan can be acquitted of all charges.

Judgment Judge [sumber gambar]

According to Tempo’s website, if you look at the economic background of the three judges, they are considered wealthy people. Panji Surono is known to have a total wealth of Rp. 2 billion, Teguh Santoso to Rp. 2 billion, and Sukartono to Rp. 500 million.

The background of Samin Tan the rich businessman

Samin Tan himself is the boss of PT Borneo Lumbung Energi and Metal (PT BLEM). So the company turned out to be the holding company of PT Asmin Koalindo Tuhup (AKT) and Borneo Mining Services. The company focuses on coal mining in an area in Central Kalimantan.

Samin Tan [sumber gambar]

In addition, Samin Tan has also served as President Director of PT Bumi Resources Mineral Tbk (BRMS) and Chairman of Bumi Plc. It is natural that people call him Crazy Rich Indonesia because he has Rp. 13 trillion.

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The case of Samin Tan’s gratification is likely to rise again because the prosecutor has filed an appeal. Hopefully later a clear point will be found for this one case. The reason is that if left unchecked then gratification will be fertile again.

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