Fortunately, the Fried Food Business in the Cart, Anwar Can Buy a Car…

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1NEWS – Fried food is a snack that many people like, and they never get tired of eating it.

So don’t be surprised if it’s easy to find fried food vendors in a number of places.

This business opportunity was also captured by Anwar, who is in the business of fried foods sold on carts.

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He revealed his success story which was broadcast on YouTube Kawan Dapur, July 29, 2021.

It was stated that Anwar could even generate a turnover of Rp. 150 million per month. Extraordinary.

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In the broadcast, Anwar also showed his cool car, which he bought from the profit of selling fried foods.

The man who comes from Bumiayu, Brebes calls his fried “Comro Pedas”.

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Located in the Bogor area, West Java, Anwar has eight fried food carts, all of which are in strategic locations. Usually it’s near the school.


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