Free from Prison, Saipul Jamil is Happy and Wants to Eat Ketoprak – Latest Celeb News

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Saipul Jamil is finally able to breathe the air of freedom after serving a prison term of approximately 5 years. Of course, this brings happiness to Dewi Perssik’s ex-husband.

“It’s a very happy feeling. Frankly, this is the life that hasn’t come together yet, it’s like someone just woke up. But obviously very happy,” said Saipul Jamil at Cipinang Prison, East Jakarta, Wednesday (2/9).

Saipul Jamil’s return has also been eagerly awaited by family and friends. They deliberately take the time to pick up their loved ones home.

After being released, the man who is familiarly called Bang Ipul intends to move to the graves of his parents and also his late wife, Virginia Anggraeni.

“Today, as I intend to go to the graves of my parents, I also want to go to the graves of my late wife, after that I want to bathe in the sea. So far, I have been bathing in prison water,” he said.

After that, Saipul Jamil admitted that he really missed eating food that he had never tasted while behind bars, such as ketoprak.

“I want to eat all the food. I want to eat ketoprak,” he concluded.

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