From the Cross of Two Foods, Now Croffle Can Be Selling Well. What’s the secret?

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The culinary business during the pandemic actually gave rise to many new creations, call it the dalgona trend coffee, korean garlic bread, telephone milk pie, and now the newest one is ‘croffle’. Creative ideas sometimes weird it turned out to be able to provide a good business opportunity. Usually, this trend combines existing foods with new creations that can attract many people. As well as croffles which is currently popular. Starting from a combination croissant and waffles, has now become a popular culinary named ‘croffle’.

It’s really interesting to learn about the success of Croffle so snacks hits all over the world, what’s the secret? So what other food will be the next sensation? If you can predict, it will be the best business idea~

Croffle is a novelty born from the fusion of the classic croissant pastry dough and the ubiquitous waffle mold

Croissants + waffles | Photo by Juno Kwon via Pixabay

Croffle is a combination of two foods, namely croissants and waffles. Before entering and being popular in Indonesia, this food was first popular in South Korea. According to CNN, this hybrid food was first created by Irish chef Louise Lennox in 2017. Croffles were finally sold at La Petite Boulangerie cafe in Dublin.

In Indonesia itself, the croffle trend has increased since the end of last year. Started many culinary businesses, especially snacks serving this menu. Coffee or bakery outlets that sell these croffles include Dear Butter, Paul’s Bakery, and the Croffle Factory.

In addition to cheap raw material capital, croffles can also be modified with other menus. This croffle trend is seen as quite potential, especially when combined with the many coffee shop businesses. Sure enough, now many parties offer a croffle franchise business.

This kind of hybrid food is a combination of food that already exists, then it is created to increase the selling value and interest of the fans. How to make this croffle from croissant dough that has been rolled up, then placed into a waffle maker container. The pressure from the tool will make the croffles flatter and crispy. Before there were croffles, it turned out that croissants had been created into a variety of other menus. What are you?

This isn’t the first time that croissants have been made snacks new more hype and trendy. Before croffle, there was also cronut (croissant + donut) which was super popular

Croissants | Photo by Alex Cooper from Pexels

Who is not familiar with croissants? This crescent-shaped pastry originating from France has been popular in Indonesia for a long time. Before being created into croffles which are currently popular, it turns out that there have been many croissant creations before.

Quoting from the Kompas page, the first croissant creation was ‘cronut’ which is a combination of croissant and donut. Donut-shaped cronut with a crunchy and layered croissant-like texture. Cronuts are fried in oil and served with cream and sugar filling.

The next creation is ‘cruffin’, which is a combination of croissants and muffins. Cruffin is made from croissant dough that is baked using a muffin mold and served with various toppings. The next croissant creation is ‘crogel’ which is a combination of croissant dough and bagel. Lastly, croissants combined with waffles produce the croffles we know today.

In addition to being creative in creating something new from existing materials, branding and promotion is no less important to ‘give birth’ snacks contemporary~

Bakery business | Photo by Madison Inouye from Pexels

With the emergence of snack food trends, such as croffles, business people need to think creatively and implement strategies so that the business can run. in the bakery industry, we can see the creations of croissants that continue to appear until today’s croffles. If you intend to develop this kind of business, then it is not enough to just rely on trends. Innovation, creativity, quality, to promotion need to be considered to be able to compete in the market.

Innovation and creativity can be started by studying trends and competitors, only then seeing gaps and developing them. Innovation can start from packaging, service, to the variety of products we offer. Then, when we run a business, quality becomes an important thing to be able to compete with many competitors.

Quality can be demonstrated by using the best ingredients for every product we offer. That way, the products offered can have more value in the eyes of consumers. Lastly, promotion is no less important, especially on social media. Now, there are many ways to reach consumers with creative promotions on social media.

Seeing the success of this croffle business, are you interested in running a similar business? Or, just inspired to make other hybrid food creations?

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