Get to know Manbang, North Korea’s ‘Netflix’ which is ready to broadcast government-owned shows – Boombastis

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Currently, television seems to have lost its market because everyone has switched to service online streaming. From Netflix, Disney Plus and videos on demand others have become kings of spectacle in society. Not only in Indonesia, even almost all over the world are also experiencing it.

But the question is, is the situation in North Korea the same? It turned out to be similar, but it wasn’t Netflix or Disney Plus that became the king of spectacle there. None other than Manbang, the service online streaming typical of North Koreans. Then what is the quality like, so you don’t want to be curious, see the reviews below.

North Korea has its own ‘Netflix’

Since the internet is restricted in North Korea, it’s only natural that online streaming like Netflix and Disney Plus are not in North Korea. But don’t worry, it’s not Oppa Kim if you can’t outsmart him.

Streaming Manbang [sumber gambar]

Instead of asking Netflix to step in and expose its citizens to outside understanding, North Korea prefers to create its own services. Until finally, Manbang appeared, the ‘Netflix’ of North Korea. With this Manbang, residents can enjoy many North Korean spectacles and can even repeat the program. But of course, all the spectacle provided must be approved by the North Korean government.

The service that can access a lot of content

Don’t want to lose with the service streaming abroad, Manbang provides a lot of content for its citizens. North Koreans can watch 5 channel there, both live until the rebroadcast. Manbang also offers channel knowledge like National Geographic so that it can add insight to its citizens.

North Korean content [sumber gambar]

Those who use Manbang can also re-watch programs they missed from 5 channel previously discussed. There is a spectacle of the daily activities of the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, and several programs related to Juche ideology. You could say that Manbang is better than the television service that its citizens usually watch.

Problems experienced in this service

Although it is promising for North Koreans, there are several problems that must be resolved. Yes, although there are streaming services that are quite promising, the problem is that there are many areas in North Korea which in fact have not been covered until now.cover Internet Network. Though for service online streaming, is a mandatory thing to be connected to the internet.

Internet problem [sumber gambar]

This homework must be completed first before Manbang can actually serve streaming recognized, at least in their own country. Reporting from the Tirto page, the estimate from this Manbang customer is almost 25 million people there. And uniquely, service online streaming it will be given free of charge to its citizens. But still, terms and conditions apply.

Got ridiculed by the western world and Netflix

Unfortunately what was done by North Korea did not get a good response. Even Netflix made fun of Manbang through his social media. On Twitter, Netflix had time to change the biodata into Manbang’s ‘destroyer’, as a satire as if it were a service streaming North Korea is a big and successful business.

Mocked by Netflix [sumber gambar]

Likewise with western media, which apparently also enlivened the satire from Netflix itself. However, Manbang did not budge and focused on developing services streaming for its citizens.

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Despite all that, North Korea prefers to open services video on demand alone rather than working with outsiders. Yes, all of this cannot be separated from his own ideology, which is indeed closing itself off. So it’s only natural that the quality is very far from service streaming other.

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