Held Back in the Second Year of the Pandemic, ‘Pocari Sweat Bintang SMA 2021’ Wants to Continue Supporting the Young Generation to Realize Dreams

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There is no deadline when dreams must come true. However, efforts to make it real should not be delayed. Youth is the perfect time to start. Recognizing the talent that can make dreams come true, is the first step to try.

It should be underlined that every talent is important. No one talent is greater than another. You just need to recognize which one makes you comfortable and then fight for it. Good at playing games only now can money and inspire many people. No one would have thought that two decades ago.

The condition of the Covid-19 pandemic is also not a problem in realizing dreams. Social media has become an open stage for everything. Moreover, Pocari Sweat in the second year of this pandemic again presents the ‘Bintang SMA 2021’ event for high school students who dare to show off their talents to become stars of inspiration for many people.

Bintang SMA 2021 wants to continue to accommodate the various talents of Indonesian high school students

| dock. Pocari Sweat Indonesia

Bintang SMA 2021 is the third time Pocari Sweat has held a competition that is open to all kinds of talents, especially for high school students and the equivalent. This event is unique when compared to most talent search events that only look for one type of talent. Pocari Sweat Bintang SMA believes that every talent is important and deserves room for struggle.

Affirming his enthusiasm, Marketing Director of PT. Amerta Indah Otsuka Puspita Winawati said the Pocari Sweat Bintang SMA event was presented to accommodate the dynamic and diverse talents of today’s young people. Reflecting on its first year alone, this event has accommodated thousands of participants with a variety of unique talents, such as cosplay, rubric, e-sports, barista, up to parkour.

“High school students have various talents. In the past, we might not see talent like that of today’s high school students. That’s what we want push, so that they can create something that exciting again,” said Wina in a virtual press conference of Pocari Sweat Bintang SMA 2021, Thursday (2/9).

From the beginning of its implementation in 2019, Pocari Sweat Bintang SMA carried the theme ‘sweat for dreams’ as the main message for the younger generation. Through this message, Pocari Sweat wants to tell the younger generation that dreams can only be achieved with effort that often has to be drenched in sweat.

The collaboration of Bintang SMA 2021 with 88rising and Narasi TV presents various attractive benefits for the main winners

Marketing Director PT. Amerta Indah Otsuka Puspita Winawati | dock. Screenshot/Zoom

Pocari Sweat Bintang SMA 2021 which will be held online comes with a number of innovations from a technical and technical perspective benefits for the main winner. This time, potential participants can submit their talent videos via platform TikTok, following Instagram, Twitter and the official Pocari Sweat website. TikTok was added because today’s younger generation tends to have platform their respective mainstays to showcase their talents and works.

“The talents of high school students are increasingly varied, platform (which is used) too. Here we try to get closer to habbit young people we know have many ways to show talent. We want tocapture it’s all gone platform used,” explained Wina.

The following innovations are related benefits for the main winner. It was explained that the main winner of Pocari Sweat Bintang SMA 2021 would be brand ambassador who will be involved in various activities brand for one year, and will also get a share in exclusive content according to the talent of the winner.

In addition, Pocari Sweat Bintang SMA 2021 in collaboration with Narasi TV and 88rising, a music company that has represented Indonesian talents on the global stage through Rich Brian, Niki and Stephanie Poetri also promises an interesting experience.

| dock. Screenshot/Zoom

Together with 88rising, the main winner will later go to the United States to be involved in the production of exclusive content with Niki Zefanya as a mentor. 88rising Country Representative Indonesia Andy Sadha said the collaboration of Pocari Sweat Bintang SMA 2021 with his party would be a valuable experience for the main winners.

“We will be sending the 2021 Bintang High School grand prize winner to Los Angeles to see how things go talent there to fulfill his dream. There will be a collaboration with one of the 88rising artists as well. We hope that this collaboration can provide lifetime lesson for the winner. Being successful it’s not instant. It’s about the sweat,” said Andy.

While with Narasi TV, the main winners of Pocari Sweat Bintang SMA 2021 will receive special attention regarding their profiles and talents on the small screen. It aims to further spread the inspiration to the younger generation throughout Indonesia who are the Narasi TV audience base.

Najwa Shihab to Reza Rahadian will act as judges as well as mentors

The jury of Pocari Sweat Bintang SMA 2021 | dock. Pocari Sweat Indonesia

The composition of the Pocari Sweat Bintang SMA jury is always interesting. They come from diverse backgrounds, just like the spirit of the event itself. For this year, there is a journalist and founder of Narasi TV, Najwa Shihab, an actor as well as an actor content creator Jovial da Lopez, choreographer Ufa Sofura, singer and songwriter Isyana Sarasvati, and finally the famous actor Reza Rahadian.

Regarding the talent that is expected to emerge this year, Reza Rahadian representing the jury said he was not looking for a specific talent. Returning to the initial spirit, this event wants to accommodate the diversity of talents of Indonesian high school students. As in 2019, Violinist from Banjarmasin Nada Syakira Aisya came out as the winner. While in 2020, the winner is a wushu athlete from Jakarta, Azriel.

“There is no specific (talent). There are so many choices of ideals and talents today. So, that’s exactly what we want. Waiting for something we may not have seen before. Talents that so far may not be common,” said Reza.

Therefore, Reza advised high school students not to hesitate to join Pocari Sweat Bintang SMA 2021, because this event will respect all talents. Also conveyed by Isyana Sarasvati, the jury in this event will not only act as scorers, but also mentors who will share knowledge with the participants.

“This is not a one-way competition. I’m here to act as a judge as well as a mentor. So the task is not only to provide value, but also to share (knowledge and experience). Later I will also have a collaboration together grand finalist, the singer said Lexicon the.

Bintang SMA 2021 registration has been open since September 1, 2021

Registration for Pocari Sweat Bintang SMA 2021 has been opened from September 1 to October 15, 2021. Prospective participants will not be charged. This event can be participated by high school students or equivalent, including students homeschool and special needs.

How to register simply by uploading a video related to talent on the pocarisweat.id site or through social media Instagram, Twitter and TikTok by pinning the hashtag #BintangSMA2021 #BintangSMA2021_(school name) and mention @PocariID.

Prospective participants may upload more than one video as long as the talents displayed are different. The talent shown in the video may be individually or in groups of up to five people.

There will be three categories of winners in the 2021 Pocari Sweat Bintang SMA event, namely Weekly Winner, Favorite Winner, and Grand Winner. This year’s special, the jury has eight Blue Tickets for talent videos that enter in the first three weeks of the submission period. Participants receiving Blue Tickets means that they have secured a position in the Top 50.

The Top 50 Finalists will be announced on October 17-27, following the Top 7 Finalists on October 28-19 November, and the Grand Final & Winner Announcement on November 20, 2021.

How do you know what talent you want to showcase for the 2021 Bintang SMA Pocari Sweat event? Remember, all talents are important and worth fighting for.

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