Hilarious, the story of the Algerian coach asking Riyad Mahrez to return his dyed blonde hair

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“The intention is to be able to look stylish, but it’s forbidden to be scolded anyway.”

1NEWS – It is said that hair is a crown, either for men or women. And for some male footballers, coloring their hair or making it blonde is their own way to style and look eccentric.

There are many players who deliberately make their hair blonde, in Indonesia we have known Rocki Putiray and abroad there is Djibril Cisse who always changes hair color.

Starting from Beckham, Neymar, and Messi have also dyed their hair.
And it’s undeniable, it’s clear their confidence has grown and as far as we can remember, coach tal never had a problem with that choice.

But the opposite fate applies to the two Algerian national team players who take part in the Premier League: Riyad Mahrez from Manchester City and Said Benrahma Tottenham from West Ham United.

The two players didn’t impress Algeria coach Djamel Belmadi at all with the blonde hairdo they dyed in platinum trim in the early weeks of the new 2021-22 season kicking off.

According to a report from Algerian local media Dzair Daily, Djamel Belmadi sternly scolded the two and asked them especially Mahrez who should be a role model to make their hair color return to its natural color, namely black.

The 45-year-old coach said their actions did not “reflect the traditions and customs of Algerian society.” Otherwise, they were threatened with not being able to take part in the first two matches for the 2022 world cup qualifiers to be held in Qatar.

And like it or not, both of them were forced to change their hair color to their original form. At least for a while while carrying out state duties.

Mahrez himself played a big role in helping his country to win the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations. His contributions included the winning goal in the 95th minute against Nigeria in the semifinals.

This time, Mahrez and Benrahma aim to ensure that their country qualify for next year’s World Cup in Qatar.

The country dubbed the Desert Warriors will face Djibouti tonight (2/9/) before clashing with Burkina Faso on Tuesday next week.

(persistent faithadi dharma/gie)

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