Husband works outside the area, wife is caught without a piece of clothing with other men at home

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The forbidden love that existed between Hr (50) and Rh (35) ended in raids by residents. Both of them were raided by residents in Mengkuru Village, West Sakra District, East Lombok, Saturday, August 28, 2021, at around 22.30 WITA.

The Village Security Agency (BKD) and local residents caught Hr and Rh who were intoxicated with the forbidden romance. The forbidden couple was suspected of having committed adultery and was caught red-handed by residents who had been monitoring them.

In order to avoid the anger of the residents who saw the two couples, the man was immediately taken to the police station for legal proceedings.

Regarding the arrest of the alleged lecherous couple, the West Sakra Police Chief, Ipda Saiful Hadi confirmed the incident.

“It is true that there was a non-mahram couple who was caught and arrested by the BKD when they were alone in the house,” he said, as reported by Antara.

Saipul explained the chronology of the two couples caught red-handed by BKD and local residents.

This started when the male perpetrator came to the woman’s house who was known to be married and working outside the area.

Unfortunately for the perpetrator, his cheating action was discovered by residents and the local BKD, who had been suspicious of the in love couple. When the perpetrator entered, BKD and residents peeked at the perpetrator’s action.

“Approximately 2 hours of waiting for the adultery of the perpetrators to begin, BKD and residents rushed in and found them both naked,” he said.

But at that time, the perpetrator and his mistress were found undressed, even the perpetrator had time to hide in the bathroom

“The cheating couple was interrogated by the village head and head of the village, and both admitted their actions,” he said.

Hearing the confessions of the two perpetrators, the residents who heard were angry, by trying to provide lessons.

However, the vigilante action was prevented by members of the Sector Police who rushed to the scene as soon as they received the information.

“The perpetrator has been detained in a detention cell for further legal proceedings,” he said.


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