Indonesia starts selling flying cars, can land on home page

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Flying car

The trend of flying cars in many countries has begun to hit Indonesia, recently general importers of build up cars are offering flying cars to Indonesian consumers.

The presence of the flying car which is predicted to be a flying taxi is known through the post on the Instagram account @bambang.soesatyo.

From the photo upload of the flying car, it can be seen that this sky track vehicle has a shape like a drone.
It’s just that its dimensions are certainly larger than drones.

Flying car photo: Prestige

This flying car made by the Ehang company is equipped with a design and a cabin that can accommodate two people.
The shape of this flying car is equipped with pillars as the motor for the propeller. Uniquely, the propeller pillars can be folded so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

This flying car product named Ehang 216 looks parked somewhere. A CEO of Prestige Image Motorcars, Rudy Salim, was also seen in the flying taxi.

The EHang 216 flying taxi is already at the Prestige Image Motorcars showroom, North Jakarta.

Flying car
Flying car photo: Prestige

Flying car trials will be conducted in Bali Indonesia

This high-tech advanced transportation will be tested in October 2021 on the island of Bali.

After being officially introduced at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) Hybrid 2021, last April, the EHang 216 flying taxi finally arrived in Jakarta.

This future vehicle will conduct trials in the near future.

“The plan (trial EHang) in October in Bali at the place of Mr. Bambang Soesatyo (Chairman of the MPR RI), while still taking care of flying permits and others,” said President Director of Prestige Image Motorcars, Rudy Salim.

Flying taxi
Flying taxi Photo: ist

In addition, the EHang 216 is an electric powered passenger class autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV).

The vehicle is also claimed to be superior to traditional manned aircraft. The design concept of EHang’s technology is said to be of strict standards.

The flying car is also claimed to be able to fly up to a height of up to 3,000 meters with a height of 1.77 meters and a width of 5.62 meters.

Until now, it is not known for certain regarding the permit to use this flying car and the selling price that will be set by Prestige selling flying cars to consumers.

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